CCUniverse: Project combined with ATMs at local area, rental electric cars, real estate innovation

Hello At this topic I want to introduce You with our project. Below You got necessary data.
I want also ask You how to overcome users’ resistance to Waves a specially at Bounty program in bitcointalk forum?
Because at our first announce people ask us why We choose Waves to stand our project.

Could You give us some suggestion how to break the potential complains about it?


What CCUniverse is ?

CCUniverse is a project that aims to connect three phases related to the infrastructure we will create. The whole will create our UVU Coin cryptocurrency. Our activities will involve the creation of ATM in the local spaces, electric car rental, and innovative real estate.
The whole project is closely related to the most important one: the economics of the token. It will be the driving force of all our actions.
We are a project that creates something real in contrast to many ICO, which only creates a virtual sphere, we are unique and we build real things.

  1. ATM program:This is our main and flagship idea. The aim of this activity is to put crypto ATMs in European countries, mainly central (in the first place). We want to bring cryptocurrency to people and give the opportunity to those who already have it for free purchase for cash and to receive it when selling profits.
    You can read more about our goals in our white paper on the website.

  2. The second program is the creation of an electric car rental company.
    In Central Europe, there is still insufficient access to this new technology. Hence our idea to help people get to her. We want to create rental cars with charging stations.
    We are convinced that they will enjoy huge demand.

    1. The third program is a matter related to modern technology and design in construction. We want to create innovative house designs, we consider such techniques as: geodesic domes (Fuller domes), or prefabricated houses, modernist use of container shipping for the construction of fantastic buildings.

Ekonomy Token

The program is connected to a cryptocurrency uvu, which is not only a means of payment, but also acts as a guarantor of the entire project and a value in itself.We want tokens to be our support and means that will enable us to act on these three levels. We support the entire cryptocurrency market by building a new infrastructure (ATM). Our successes will drive the value of our coins and bring profits to its holders. At the same time, local communities will gain many opportunities to use not only blockchain but also other technologies.
Actually we got nice low initial price 0.01$ per 1 $UVU it could be great opportunity to buy a lot of coins before we will pump up.
Today We’re at the begin of our marketing road to promote the coin and project. Soon we will be start such a programs to build stronges community.


For more details please check our official website and read also our white paper. Best regards. Also You can ask us by e-mail address [email protected]

I forgot to write to you that we got open BOUNTY. :hatched_chick: :exploding_head: :+1:

At **bitcointalk com **:point_down:

You can easly get our tokens by this quests.
I want invite all waves users which believe in our vision :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :partying_face: