Chaincmp - utility to compare blockchains

Hello everybody,

chaincmp is a small but useful utility to compare blockchains on a few nodes. This utility is the first useful result of recently started gowaves project.

Basically, execute it with only one parameter:

chaincmp -n

In this case, the local node’s blockchain will be compared with blockchains on official Waves nodes.

Please, read the short documentation for more information.

Besides the utility, we are currently working on complete Go client library for Waves node API. The client library is 95% complete and lacks a documentation. But it’s usable and chaincmp is an example of how to use it.
More example utilities to come.


Been using this lately, already integrated it into my node’s monitoring :smiley:

Thank you so much @alexey.kiselev !

Hello! Nice to hear. Please, report bugs, if any, or feature requests here or on GitHub.

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We have updated the chaincmp utility in our new release.

We have added new result codes to distinguish errors in silent mode. Some incorrect error messages were fixed and interruption of long requests on Ctrl-C was improved.

Please, report any bugs or feature requests here or on Github.