Citadel project

What is Citadel? It’s an idea.

Citadel is a game set in the near future where humanity has already begun to colonize space and has created new forms of entertainment.

The game will be multiplayer, will be focused on the competition being one more of the games qualified as eSports. It will be a first / third person shooter in zero gravity.

Things to keep in mind:

  • The game will be free and players will receive rewards in tokens for time played, so with the promise of earning money to play we will attract a large player base.

  • Our own exchange where both players and hodlers can buy and sell tokens at the price that players choose. Important: Holders must have 500,000 tokens to choose to become tokens providers in our exchange. Available pairs: Citadel / Fiat, Citadel / BTC, Citadel / ETH & Citadel / LTC.

  • Players can purchase aesthetic digital goods for their characters in exchange for tokens.

  • Players, sponsors (big brands) and holders can sponsor teams for different leagues, they can choose the salaries of their players. The awards are received by the sponsor.

  • Betting system with real time game viewing.

Citadel Specs

        Asset ID          : GFpGF3BZtUNJxEFTVhQBTQR34xk9aNQxD2M1yPymAT8w            
        Name              : Citadel                                                 
        Symbol            :                                                         
        Issuer            : 3P9c4Htbdw97j7ZhbJz3isaAPzCUmUX8Lnz                     
        Reissuable        : False                                                   
        Decimals          : 0                                                       
        Total supply      : 3141592653                                              
        Max supply        : 3141592653
        Circulating       : 5246317                                  
        Last price        : 0,0000039 Waves

seems interesting. is there a website?

Not yet, I am currently developing Raiders, a serious project.

About Citadel, we are in the phase of raising funds

We only need to sell about 141,592,653 Citadels to gather between 12k - 15k waves to start the development of the game that will be done in a period of 6 months.

Currently in circulation: 5,730,481 citadels
Citadel price: 0.0000074 waves

Of the total Supply will be distributed 1,000,000,000 citadels among the holders.

The remaining 2,000,000,000 citadels will be used to pay players within the game.

Once the game is released the holder can do three things with his citadels:

  • Exchange them, in Waves DEX or in our exchange.
  • Supply us for direct sale to the player by fiat at 50 citadels @ $ 5 (We can convert it and pay in waves)*
  • Become a sponsor of a team and win prizes and prestige.

Note: To supply us the holder must do so in batches of 50000 citadels.

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Is there more detailed description ?

tell me more about raiders