RAID | Raiders Project | Citadel, Raiders Token & @DVL

Raiders is a video game project currently in active development, if you want to know more about the game you can visit the development in IndieDB, link:

The game is already on sale in early access, to date I have sold 60 digital copies at a price of € 12.5. Soon I will start launching a lot of new content worked during these three months and will increase the level of sales. Good time to invest.

About RAID

RAID is a token that I have launched to become a “partner” of the project. This means that those who possess this token will be entitled to receive their share of the benefits obtained with the game.

Max supply: 100

What happens to the following tokens that I own: Citadel, Raiders Token & @DVL?

I have decided to make an exchange for RAID because I have decided to put all my effort into carrying out this project.

Considering the level of sales, which I will update every month to know the real value of the token to date I can put a market cap and the real value of the token. Note: The current price of the token has nothing to do with the real value, it is an estimated price of what the token will be worth next year.

Total supply: 100
Sales: € 750
Benefits: € 750/5% (tax) = € 712.5
Market cap: 712.5 €
RAID value: € 7,125 or 2.79411764 Waves

Do you have Citadel? Do you have Raiders Token or @DVL?

Send to 3P9c4Htbdw97j7ZhbJz3isaAPzCUmUX8Lnz


100 Citadel to 0.00000001 RAID
1 Raiders Token to 0.00000001 RAID
1 @DVL to 0.0000001 RAID

These tokens will be burned at the stake as good Spanish inquisitor that I am :joy: