Clean Your Wallet From Spam Assets!

Have a Spam Assets transferred to your wallet every times?
Confused how you want to do for its assets?
Keep your wallet clean from Spam Assets!
Just send its to this address:
( You can use ‘phising’ or ‘trash-wallet’ alias )

Ex: Spam Assets

Thank You
Make Waves Blockchain Clean from Spam Assets.

sending spam asset to that address will cost 0.001 waves,
burning spam assets is also cost 0.001 waves,

Now, which is which?
You can have this choices to clean your wallet,


What you gonna do with all the assets?


We will add a spam filter to the old Client too. Will be soon.

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Spam assets in your wallet is a just entry in the blockchain. There is no reason to pay fee for burn or send tx. It’s time to get used to it and not pay attention. But of course it is necessary to improve spam filters.