Club Amazon Traders and Investors

The number of Internet users already exceeds 3.5 billion people and continues to grow.

The online trading market is also growing every year.

The market leader in online trading is Amazon.

Amazon’s annual turnover already exceeds $ 300 billion.

Sellers on Amazon get profit X5 - X10+

We are creating a Club
for traders and investors on Amazon!

The essence of our project:

We invest in training our team of traders on Amazon;

We invest in trading on Amazon;

We create our own online course for teaching business creation on Amazon;

We train participants in our online course, creation a business on Amazon (Cost tuition - 1 TAToken);

Participants of our online course take online exams and receive our certificate as a trader for Amazon;

Our Amazon traders can place an application for get working capital to start a business on Amazon;

You get working capital from us;

15% of your income you give on dividends for holders
Trade Amazon Token - TAToken;

You stop paying dividends after the return of working capital.

Investors will receive dividends:
for 1 TAToken - $ 1 per month.
Dividends are paid every 30 days after the purchase of TAToken

ID TAToken: 4eJpSHyvNWy978k2iy5eUW7GrASGthmZxQAnbWnEQjnk

Stay tuned for updates on the channel:

it can’t be surprising that trading market is getting wider every year, it’s amazon

it’s actually a great news that amazon is creating a special group for traders. As far as I know there are special groups in every field. For instance, not long ago I’ve got really interested in real estate investment. Now I have extra money to invest. So, this shouldn’t have been a problem- that’s what I was thinking at the very beginning, however there are some hardships to overсome. I personally joined real estate investment funding and a group of connected investors. There is a full forum helping newbies in this field. Furthermore, they organize special courses, which is a great opportunity to get to know your job better.