Cold Stacking

We at Kolin were wondering whether you would consider opening the leasing of tokens (Not just Waves) as one of the standard 13 transactions contemplated in your platform. This could help Projects being developed on Waves by allowing the generation of Cold Stacking.

If you are not familiar with this term, Cold stacking allows users to “stack” their tokens in a platform ensuring a return regarding the amount stacked (Normally 1-10%). This is normally used as a mining method in PoS, as you may know by now, but it is also useful for projects that have low liquidity and want to reduce the total circulating, thus a great help for projects in their initial stages.

Also, this could help to generate a new way of releasing tokens over time. For instance, if not all tokens want to be released at once, this system allow token creators to separate a certain amount of tokens in a specific wallet and release them via smart contracts (or in response to leasing if were possible in your platform) regarding the number of tokens added to the contract or leased or locked by the final user. I must say that your leasing algorithm would be much more efficient than just generating multiple smart contracts (Staking Contracts) on top of your network, protecting not only to the token creator but also the final user as he/she could withdraw the funds at any time that were convenient.

I would like to hear the team and community opinion regarding this and please do not hesitate in asking any query as we will be happy to help.