Commission update for Waves and Neutrino:

Hello, how are you colleagues from the Waves community, one question, how many would like to always pay the same fixed commission?

We know well that in the Waves ecosystem there are fixed commissions for the different actions such as 100 thousand Sat De Waves commission for sending to another wallet or 300 thousand Sat from Waves for creating a buy and sell order in the exchange for example, we know Well, later on, the price of Waves will rise, which will make those commissions expensive as happens to Bitcoin or Ethereum to name a few, they are some stable but their commissions in dollars are through the roof, luckily they thought well and created sponsor coins which are basically used as commission instead of Waves and another good idea to use Neutrino as another option for commissions, my idea is … Just use USD-N or any of the stable currencies (it depends on the country or region or continent) , for all the miners’ commissions, given they are fixed, they could not be changed and the price would be the same, without the volatility of the Waves market, in addition to maintaining the speed and would rival Visa or Mastercard, in relation to the costs of transfer commissions and even greater verification for the speed of transactions, if you like it, let us know in the comments and give me your opinions.

En español:

Hola, ¿cómo están Colegas de la Comunidad de Waves? Una pregunta, ¿cuántos les gustaría pagar siempre la misma comisión fija?

Sabemos bien que en el ecosistema de Waves hay comisiones fijas por las diferentes acciones como comisión de 100 mil Sat De Waves por enviar a otra billetera o 300 mil Sat de Waves por crear una orden de compra y venta en el intercambio por ejemplo, sabemos Pues más adelante subirá el precio de Waves, lo que encarecerá esas comisiones como le pasa a Bitcoin o Ethereum por nombrar algunos, son algunas estables pero sus comisiones en dólares están por las nubes, por suerte lo pensaron bien y crearon patrocinador. monedas que se usan básicamente como comisión en lugar de Waves y otra buena idea es usar Neutrino como otra opción para comisiones, mi idea es… Solo usa USD-N o cualquiera de las monedas estables (depende del país o región o continente), para todas las comisiones de los mineros, dado que son fijas, no se pueden cambiar y el precio sería el mismo, sin la volatilidad del mercado Waves, además de mantener la velocidad y competiría con Visa o Mastercard, en relación a los costos de las comisiones de transferencia y aún mayor verificación por la rapidez de las transacciones, si lo desea , háznoslo saber en los comentarios y dame tu opinión.

Two things from my side:

  1. Why are fees of the different kind of transactions different ?
    I think there is a reason for that. So first we need to know what the difference is before we can change all commissions/fees to 1 standard.

  2. The amount of fees are calculated in Waves right now because waves is the native token. I dont see any benefit to change that to USD-N or another stable token. What we can do (IF Waves price will grow much more) is to decrease the fees (waves) so the price of each TX will not be as much as we have seen for ETH or BTC. But again this is a long way to go for waves… (First focus on more addoption and more transactions on the network :smile: )

I agree with you on that, surely it’s something that has been studied in the past and it’s something that will surely been taken care when the problem comes (in this case, I hope ASAP) ::joy:

I agree and appreciate your sharing.