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We create a community - Million Millionaires on the Waves Platform!
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Smart Asset on the Waves Platform - Million Coin!
Terms of the contract: the minimum price is $ 1!

1,110,000,000,000 Smart Assets - Million Coin.

Primary Emission:
10,000,000,000 tokens - Million Coin.
ID: 8nY8cUbYvuU5WTtRppwZq5iikugXYhtrwvHLrBkRMrFc

Distribution of 1,110,000,000,000 Smart Assets - Million Coin,
after reaching 1 million community members:

AIRDROP for 1 million members.
1,000,000 Smart Assets - Million Coin, for 1 member!
Total: 1,000,000,000,000 Smart Assets - Million Coin.

AIRDROP for holders 10,000,000,000 tokens
of primary Emission - Million Coin.
On 1 token Million Coin - 10 Smart Assets - Million Coin.
Total: 100,000,000,000 Smart Assets - Million Coin.

Exchange 10,000,000,000 Smart Assets - Million Coin
for 10,000,000,000 tokens primary Emission.

Distribution of 10,000,000,000 tokens
primary Emission - Million Coin:

AIRDROP - 6,000,000,000 tokens - Million Coin.

SALE - 4,000,000,000 tokens - Million Coin.

AIRDROP - 99.6%
SALE - 0.4%

Road map:

  • Primary emission;
  • AirDrop and Bounty;
  • Token Sale;
  • Achievement of 1 million participants;
  • Main Emission: Smart Assets - Million Coin;
  • Distribution Smart Assets - Million Coin.
  • the creation of an international market for Million Coin!

Join our community of millionaires!
and get everything that you had only dreamed of!

All you need to do is join and help us develop our community by inviting your friends!

Give your friend 1 million dollars - tell him about our project!

By pursuing one common goal, we can achieve it quickly!

And our goal is to create a community of 1 million millionaires!!!

1,000,000 Smart Assets - Million Coin!
Terms of the Smart Asset: the minimum price is $ 1

AIRDROP will be credited after reaching 1 million participants in our community!
You can help us accelerate the achievement of this goal!

To join:

Also write in the comments on this topic, write your opinion about the project!


Genious idea!
Brilliant and easy!

Lets see how this work as Smart Asset, It seems a First Smart Asset that have Project behind

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Nice project, i know it would be a success

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Interesting project, I think that the project has a great future!!!

good project
A something wow

Great project
And Good News

Nice idea it has a good future

I am sure that soon this project will be the best.

Nice project,The project may be very good in the future

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We have joined!
We posted information about the project in our community!

We took part in the release of your token.We bought your token.:heavy_dollar_sign:

There are 560 members in our community!
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