Community " NASHI " - community of mutual assistance

Unlike charitable foundations, which help some, collect money from others and leave a large part to themselves (in many countries, the Fund can legally keep 20-25% and even this is not properly controlled), I have long matured the idea to create a community of mutual assistance.

NASHI community - a community of mutual aid

The essence of the project is as follows:
Each benefactor making donations, receives in return “points” are equivalent to his contribution to a good cause.
Everyone who receives assistance from the community will be required to reimburse the assistance (over time, as far as possible) for example, helping other project participants.

In this case the one who received the assistance in turn helps other participants of the project (in charities generally, nor even all say thank you after receiving help) and welcome in the project only increases.
And the one who gave help, can count on initial help in his address as necessary.

Points will be backed cryptocurrency NASHI originally produced on the platform in the future we plan on our own blockchain.
Exchange rate: 1 point = 1 crypto token NASHI = 1000 Russian rubles - this ratio will always be maintained within the project, not depending on the exchange rate.

Today on the stock exchange YOU can exchange (buy / sell) the Nashi token

The following will be implemented in the project:

  1. Mutual aid charity Foundation:
  • Medical assistance
  • Financial assistance
  • Help material clothing
  • Legal assistance (in the fight against the arbitrariness of officials, moneybags and other dishonest people)
    All contributors will receive points equivalent to their assistance, all recipients will be required to close these points with good deeds.
  1. Good deeds club (time Bank):
  • Doing a good deed to the needy (to turn gray with the child, fix the computer, etc.) we get 1 point for each hour of time spent.
  • Getting a good deed, the balance is deducted 1 point per hour of time spent.
    This system helps to do good deeds of those who will need good deeds as well
  1. Travel service:
  • We give a lift to the project participant, we get 1 point
  • You drive up, take away 1 ball
  1. Real Dating club:
  • Only real acquaintances with really designated goals, no left and hidden profiles in the project will not be allowed.
  1. Flea market:
  • Everyone can sell or buy things from each other for points.
  1. Social network:
  • Real communication with real open people.
  1. Points exchange:
  • Those who do a lot of good deeds and do not need good deeds in return, will be able to change points for real money.
  • Those who need a lot of good deeds, and there are no opportunities to help, will be able to change money for points.
  1. Social business:
  • We will help to open business projects which will have priority not profit but help people (minimum prices, employment of community members)
  1. Labour exchange:
  • We will create jobs for community members
  • We will look for jobs from outside employers

And probably a lot more that will be implemented later add.


  1. The community will exist solely through advertising, not a penny from donations will not be taken on the content.
  2. Only honest people will be accepted into the community, our goal: JUSTICE
  3. We will provide mutual assistance and weed out those who are used to only take and give nothing.
  4. All registrations will be checked no worse than in the Bank, there will be no anonymous and left accounts, and confidentiality will be observed in the right places.

Those who want to connect to the project (like-minded programmers, web designers, promoters, system administrators), please contact me through the social network.

If already there are people which need a aid, you can create individual themes within this forum, let us already try to help.

Info website , the expected functionality has not been implemented