Community Nodes Program

thx for this program :handshake:
it’s very important for small node

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When can we expect community node program to be realized?

Thanks for this as it inspired me to finish our node almost there just downloading the blockchain we are ND:R will give a shout out on discord when finished

I want to participate, so you got my message via a DM in this forum. Thank you :pray:

After 11th september

Thank you for the excellent opportunity. I’ve wanted to do this for a long time. I will study the technical side of the question and report you

Hello @ikardanov , my name is Tiago and I am a member of the Waves Brasil community, I would like to participate in the “Community Nodes Program”. This and our pool

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Contact me in Telegram, Discord or PM here.

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I spent the last 3 nights unsuccessfully setting up a node. First with Docker. The tutorial are not very easy to understand. says: Note: We recommend to start a container like below for MAINNET:

docker run -p 6869: 6869 -p 6868: 6868 -e WAVES_LOG_LEVEL = DEBUG -e WAVES_HEAP_SIZE = 2g -v YOUR_LOCAL_PATH_HERE: / waves wavesplatform / node

I have entered, but it was always started in TESTNET. At some point I gave up and uninstalled Docker.
Now I have tried this tutorial: I could install JRE. But there is no longer the JRE8 version, but 8.1 and 10. I took the most recent then (JRE10). Then I downloaded the latest waves.jar. But where can I find the conf.file? No link to find.

Do you have any plans to extended the dead line, maybe? I would like to set up a node and participate in the program, but I have not find any helpful tutorial (ELI5). I can not set up a node in that time. Too bad.

In the readme of node-docker-image github repo you can find env variable called WAVES_NETWORK. Just run a container with proper value -e WAVES_NETWORK=MAINNET

docker run -p 6869: 6869 -p 6868: 6868 -e WAVES_NETWORK=MAINNET -e WAVES_LOG_LEVEL=DEBUG -e WAVES_HEAP_SIZE=2g -v /waves:/waves wavesplatform/node

Maybe this will help. It’s just a first version it might contain flaws:

Hi Inal,
Is there any follow up for the node incentivise program?

will waves be leased to small nodes as support during voting process for smart accounts or u will wait until end of it?

A Masternode Brasil está fazendo um ótimo trabalho de divulgação da Waves no Brasil. Eu espero a Masternode Brasil seja aceita no programa. Masternode Brasil is doing a great job of promoting Waves in Brazil. I hope Masternode Brazil is accepted in the program.

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When are you going to start allocating waves to community nodes?

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Sorry, I’m new, but if I got it right, it ended September 11th.
If I’m wrong someone will correct me.

Unfortunately, You are not wrong

Hi. Do you have an ETA when we can expect an answer on our application for this?

Thanks in advance.

Edit: I think I just got your lease. Thanks!

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Community Nodes Program in action!

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That’s right :slight_smile:

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