Community Nodes Program

Very nice! I believe this program should continue and attract new nodes in similar way.

Now we have ~300+ active nodes, 168 on 14.4 version, when stress-test to show waves real through-output values?

Hi would like to install iam in the Caribbean

Thanks Eric

Very good way to support small nodes and get more decentralization. Thank you.

Thank you, this project is very important, it will help us a lot in the decentralization of WAVES.

Great iam up for it in the making of new plans,
Plans include a wallet that would be personalized. Any volunteers to help set up a wallet. Has all this in plans are in making and processes the team will publish the news.
Thanks again for the help and support would be happy to have you on board for wallet help.

What about new terms of leasing support? I want launch node and interesting in team support, thanks.

sounds very interesting what are the technical requirements for the operation of a node, are they huge miners, or more like servers? sorry i am a complete noob in this

is a node operator capable of securing a transaction cost free usage of a chosen digital asset?


Hi I am not able, to send you a PM. I don’t know why. Are there any restrcitions?

Hello everyone!
The Сommunity Node program for miners has been running for two weeks and has delivered incredible results. We’ve had over 50 applications and the total number of global Waves nodes is now over 300! We’ve leased over 1 000 000 WAVES! A very big “thank you!” to all the new node owners!

I am also happy to announce, that we will continue the program! You can set up your node and write me! We will lease once per month (in the end).

Please note, we will accept only one application from one person.


is there somwehre an instruction how to set up a waves node?

If you have read this topic you would notice there were several posted here.


please come to the waves community discord server:
There is a #node channel. You will get all the help you need there.
And this is also a great video:
I did it accordingly to this and well running my Node WavesIO :slight_smile:


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can you briefly say the hardware requirements of a waves node, is an ordinary server/pc enough, or do i need special hardware?


Puh, an easy VMServer in the mid range ($9 -$20/month should be enough (Multicore + 8GB Ram and large SSD (250GB+). If you look on the inet you’ll find some offers of brands for these VM’s. A dedicated server will cost to much.

so a desktop computer cannot be reconfigured into a full time waves node?

Sure, you can. But you need to have a static IP and bear in mind, that your PC needs to run 24/7.
A VMServer will be cheaper, if you calculate the power consumption of your PC and compare it to
the monthly rental of an VMServer.


i heard from a waves developer once that

some token like

mercury dont pay waves in transaction fees, but mercury, because certain nodes agreed on that,

is that also possible if someone joins the waves community node program to basically sponsor certain tokens transferability?


Добрый День, запустил ноду , работает все. 3PM3AfSSAhjXeNn4bGPohgY9meYiRToruc7 , нужна помощь от вэйвс

Hi Inal,

I’ve setup small node and are a big promoter of waves in netherlands.
My generator address is “3P7ajba4wWLXq6t1G8VaoaVqbUb1dDp8fm4”.

I would be very gratefull to get allowance in the community node program!

regards Peter

Hello Inal,
I have set up a node a couple of days ago and already got some MRTs. :slight_smile: I am from Bavaria in Germany and would be happy if you consider me for the community node program.
I havent been very active here yet but I would like to change that.
The project looks very promising and you have already achieved alot.

My generator adress is: “3PMFTG4pHSyQufWMGysEBCHuvhoswcJ2Yhn”

Best regards