Crashing DAW, with Waves Plugins

Hello, For the last year, all my music software has been CRACKED. I’ve spent time learning to use the lot, DAW, VST instruments, Plugins. However, having decided I like where I’ve been and having the money pare, I finally decided to go straight and purchase official licenced copies of everything I need. My DAW (Cubase 10 Elements), IK Multimedia T-Racks 5 Max, Celemony Melodyne and, of course Waves GOLD BUNDLE. However, despite attempting to scrub all of the residual cracked software from my system, there still appears to be some issues:

  1. Every time I launch my DAW, I get prompted to select a folder for Waves 9.2 Plugins folder, but I don’t have any, everything that I purchased should be Waves v10. This prompt, I have further discovered is the precursor to my second problem:
  2. I launch an old project and the inserts contain the remnant settings for the old cracked software that I have. If the plugin editor windows are open (Usually REQ) and I try to close them, my DAW crashes completely. I even tried resetting the mix console in one go, because with all the new stuff I have, I am happy to re-mix from scratch, but I can’t even do that without the DAW crashing. As I have now purchased Waves GOLD BUNDLE, which includes REQ (always the culprit) I don’t even know why they are doing this. I’m using Windows 7 x64 bit, INTEL Core i5 with 8GB of Ram, and the machine is a music workstation only
    Any ideas what I can do to resolve this issue, please?

Thanks, Rob

Hello @robbys i feel your pain, but here is a blockchain related forum mostly about Waves Platform.

You should go to

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