Crowd Project: Mining of Cambrian Blue Clay

Mining of Cambrian Blue Clay.

To give to People - Health, Beauty, Youth and Longevity !!!

Organization in Ukraine, mining, preparation for sale and sale of Blue Clay, worldwide, through the Amazon site and through its website for BlueClayCoins, using the Amazon delivery service.

The available resource is 25 million kilograms of blue clay.
Tokenization - 10,000,000 kilograms
Implementation - 15 000 000 kilograms at $ 10
Profit: $ 150 000 000
Net income: $ 100,000,000
Capitalization: $ 100 000 000

50% of the income of our project will be directed to the implementation of charitable and social projects, as well as to the development of the community blockchain and the support of startup blockchain.

Blue Clay has healing power - it eliminates inflammation, promotes the activation of the production of red blood cells in the blood - red blood cells, which helps to eliminate anemia. With the help of clay, migraine, headaches, diseases of the vessels, gastrointestinal tract, urinary tract, skin and other organs and systems are treated. Clay can activate the immune system, improve metabolism, absorb toxic substances, accelerate the healing of wounds and ulcers. Washing with clay water improves the complexion and narrows the pores. Since time immemorial, the ability of clay to prevent the processes of decay and decomposition is known.

Blue clay is most often used in medicine. In this form of clay contains a large number of salts of cadmium and cobalt. Blue clay normalizes the metabolism. It is used for obesity, joint diseases, with muscle weakness, hypothyroidism of the thyroid gland. Blue clay has no contraindications, and it is superior to all fruits and vegetables in terms of minerals. It is effective for cancer diseases and diseases caused by radiation.

Blue clay in cosmetology.

Blue clay is widely used in cosmetology. Blue clay is used for various masks for skin cleansing and acne.

Masks with blue clay strengthen and tighten the skin, smooth wrinkles, relieve irritation, fight cellulite and excess weight. Blue clay has a beneficial effect on the whole organism. Masks with clay improve the complexion, perfectly moisturize the skin, narrow and effectively clean the pores. Clay has excellent adsorption properties: it absorbs and removes toxins and even harmful bacteria from the body.

Masks with blue clay perfectly rejuvenate the skin.

Blue clay has several healing properties:

Disinfection - it absorbs gaseous, liquid toxins, various gases and odors, and also destroys pathogens.
Normalization of metabolism.
Strengthens the effect of other treatments, for example, homeopathy, herbal medicine, medicamental and even surgical.
He treats skin diseases.
Restores the mineral balance when taken orally.
Absorbent and enveloping property - it can be taken as a sorbent.
Has an antitumor effect, which also extends to malignant tumors.
Before packing for storage, dry the blue clay in the sun. Before use, it is also recommended to hold it in the sun for a while, and then dilute it with clean water.

Blue clay contains such essential microelements and mineral salts as phosphate, silica, calcium, iron, potassium, magnesium and others.

Blue clay in folk medicine

The use of blue clay is multifaceted. Clay is used not only in cosmetology, but also for the treatment of joints, muscles, spine, residual poliomyelitis, trauma, gynecological diseases, constipation, gallbladder inflammation.

Traditional medicine uses blue clay in the treatment of leukemia, tumors, adenoids, inflammation of the lymph nodes; it treats anemia, atherosclerosis, headache, paralysis, epilepsy, nervous disorders, ear inflammation, brain diseases, diabetes, GI diseases, runny nose, bleeding, tonsillitis, various skin diseases, joint diseases, ulcers and much more.

Clay can also be used as a sorbent - diluted with water and taken inside after heavy alcohol libations or eating a large amount of harmful products. It is a natural, clean skin care product, hair, nails, smooths wrinkles, fights cellulite and postnatal stretch marks, with dandruff, enhances blood circulation and enhances the processes of metabolism in cells.

The founder of the project - Ukrainian athlete, silver medalist of the World Cup in freestyle wrestling, children’s coach and businessman - Oleg Digorov.

I’m Oleg Digorov.
My facebook profile:
And telegram chanel:
I live in Ukraine , in the city of Poltava, and I have my own plot of land 10 000 square meters.
I wanted to make a small lake on my land and at a depth of 2 meters I saw blue clay.
Blue clay is usually located at a depth of 40 - 60 meters, but in some places it comes to the top at a depth of 2 - 3 meters.
And I was lucky that on my piece of land the blue clay lies at a depth of 2 meters.
I researched how much clay on my land.
This is more than 25 million kilograms.

Blue clay is a very useful product and I want to sell blue clay all over the world, primarily to Asian countries - Japan, China, Hong Kong, South Korea.

To organize the extraction and sale of blue clay on my land, I spend the ICO and tokenize 10,000,000 kilograms of blue clay on my land.
I issue of 10,000,000 Blue Clay Coins on the Blockchain Platform Waves.

BlueClayCoin - Utility token.
1 Blue Clay Coins are provided with one kilogram of blue clay.
Coin ID on DEX: 8xaUKwXpWR1xMSjZHUTmPTEQtCAd4gCE6P3bhvKwF6iH

1 BlueClayCoin is provided with 1 kilogram of blue clay.
After the completion of the ICO,
Coin holders will be able to buy blue clay on our site for BlueClayCoins.

1 BlueClayCoin = 1 kilogram Blue Clay.

MARKET VALUE of Blue Clay on the site of Amazon for 0.1 kg - 5 - 10 $.
OUR PRICE for Blue Clay after ICO: 1 kilogram - $ 10
PRICE for BlueClayCoin on ICO: 1 coin - 1 $

50% of the proceeds from the sale of blue clay will be aimed at buying BlueClayCoins from coin holders at DEX at the market price.
The price of coins is determined by the market.

10% - Airdrop and Bounty Company;
10% - First round Pre Sale;
10% - Second round Pre Sale;
20% - Third round Pre Sale;
50% - ICO.

To conduct the Airdrop & Bounty of the company, the issue was 1 000 000 BlueClay_Airdrop & Bounty_tokens.
Airdrop & Bounty members of the company will be able to exchange their tokens for BlueClayCoins, after ICO on DEX, at the rate of 1/1.
Holders over 1000 BlueClay_Airdrop & Bounty_tokens will be able to exchange 20% of their tokens for BlueClayCoins at the ICO stage and will be able to sell the coins to the ICO.

CROWD SALE will be held in four stages:

  1. First round Pre Sale:
    Sale - 1 000 000 BlueClayCoins at 0.01 $, 0.004 Waves, 0.0000015 BTC.
    Budget: $ 10,000, 4000 Waves, 1.5 BTC.
    Advantages of the participants of the first round Pre Sale:
  • entry at the lowest price;
  • the possibility of selling coins already at the ICO stage.
    Start date: 26/08/2018
    Date of completion: scheduled for 15/10/2018
  1. Second Round Pre Sale:
    For Pre Sale of the second round, an additional issue will be made
    1 000 000 tokens - BlueClay_PreSale_2_tour.
    Price of the second round Pre Sale:
    0.1 $, 0.04 Waves, 0.000015 BTC.
    Budget: $ 100,000, 40,000 Waves, 15 BTC.
    After the ICO we are redeemed on DEX, the tokens are BlueClay_PreSale_2_tour for BlueClayCoins at the rate of 1/1.
    And we burn 100% of the tokens - BlueClay_PreSale_2_tour.
    Start date: scheduled for 16/10/2018
    Date of completion: scheduled for 15/11/2018

  2. Third round Pre Sale:
    For Pre Sale of the third round, an additional issue will be made
    2 000 000 tokens - BlueClay_PreSale_3_tour.
    Price of the third round Pre Sale:
    0.5 $, 0.2 Waves, 0.000075 BTC.
    Budget: $ 1,000,000, 400,000 Waves, 150 BTC.
    After the ICO we are redeemed on DEX, the tokens are BlueClay_PreSale_3_tour for BlueClayCoins at the rate of 1/1.
    And we burn 100% of the tokens - BlueClay_PreSale_3_tour.
    Start date: scheduled for 01/12/2018
    Date of completion: scheduled for 30/12/2018

  3. ICO
    Sale: 5 000 000 BlueClayCoins

  • sale by early investors of up to 1,500,000 of their coins.
    Total: 6 500 000 BlueClayCoins
    At the price: 1 $, 0.4 Waves, 0.00015 BTC
    The budget: 6 500 000 $, 1 625 000 Waves, 1000 BTC.
    Start date: 01/04/2019
    Date of completion: scheduled for 30/04/2019


First step:

  • Pre-announcement of the project;
  • Project packaging;
  • Work on creating a site for ICO;
  • Formation of the project team;
  • AirDrop company;
  • Bounty Company for the first 1000 community members,
    100 coins per subscription to the Telegram channel;
  • The first round of Pre Sale.
    Start date: 26/08/2018
    End date: at the end of the First round of Pre Sale, is scheduled for 15/10/2018

Second phase:

  • Website creation;
  • Creation of a community in telegrams;
  • Bounty Company - for 10,000 community members
    10 coins per subscription to the Telegram channel;
  • The second round of Pre Sale.
    Start date: after the completion of the First round, Pre Sale is scheduled for 16/10/2018
    End date: at the end of the second round of Pre Sale, is scheduled for 15/11/2018

The third stage:

  • Establishment of a company in Hong Kong;
  • Work on obtaining a license for the extraction of blue clay;
  • Bounty Company;
  • The third round of Pre Sale.
    Start date: 2 weeks after the completion of the second round of Pre Sale. Scheduled for 01/12/2018
    End date: at the end of the third round of Pre Sale, is scheduled for 30/12/2018

The fourth stage:

  • Obtaining a license;
  • Certification of products;
  • Conclusion of contracts for the supply of blue clay with large buyers;
  • Production organization and preparation for the sale of blue clay;
  • The first supplies of blue clay to the Amazon in Asia, the USA, Canada, the European Union countries, and other countries;
  • Buy up to 20% BlueClayCoin_Airdrop & Bounty for BlueClayCoins at the rate of 1/1;
  • ICO - Sales of up to 6,500,000 BlueClayCoins.
    Start date: scheduled for 01/01/2019
    End date: scheduled for 04/30/2019

Fifth stage:
Buy BlueClayCoin_PreSale_2_tour and BlueClayCoin_PreSale_3_tour for BlueClayCoins at the rate of 1/1;
Burning 100% - BlueClayCoin_PreSale_2_tour and BlueClayCoin_PreSale_3_tour;
Full-scale start-up of production;
Deliveries to the Amazon;
Deliveries to wholesale buyers;
Sale of blue clay for Blue Clay Coins;
Redemption of Blue Clay Coins on the DEX exchange at the market price.
Start date: scheduled for 01/06/2019

Sixth stage:
Acquisition of new deposits of blue clay in Ukraine, scaling of production and sales volumes.

With respect!
The founder of the project is Oleg Digorov.

BOUNTY COMPANY: The 1000 first members of our community will receive 100 BlueClay_Airdrop & Bounty_tokens for FREE !!!

To GET FREE Coins:

  • Subscribe to channel Telegram:
  • Have come in the message on @o_digorov address of the wallet Waves and their surname Name and you country.

After that, you will be assigned an ID and the coins are credited to your Waves wallet.

Writing a wallet:
Go to
Create a new account by clicking on “New Account”

ATTENTION! Be sure to copy or write down yourself and hide in a safe place all the words in the sequence provided in the field Wallet Seed! - By losing Wallet Seed you will NEVER be able to restore access to your wallet! Even the Waves administration does not have access to your wallet and will not be able to help you restore access. - DO NOT show Wallet Seed of your wallet to ANYONE!

Enter any user name that is convenient for you in the “Name” field and the password for entering the purse in the fields “Password” and “Repeat Password”

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ты вложи хотя бы 1 млн долл, чтобы проводить ico зачем скамы плодить?

Скам или нет время покажет.
Вы можете не участвовать!

месяц ? или год? я думаю раньше гораздо,)))

Негатив гонять, не мешки тягать!
Есть дорожная карта, там всё есть.

То что вы думаете это только ваше мнение, не более!
Есть только одна причина по которой проект может быть не запущен, это намерение основателя его не запускать. Такого намерения нету.
в проекте нету ничего сложного, получить лицензию, добывать и продавать глину.
Это просто краудфандинг, через токенизацию ресурса.
Если вы думаете, что мы не сможем провести ICO, то я знаю что всё получиться.

Надеюсь у вас ваши проекты тоже получатся!

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