CrowdSale Taxi FunSpaceLab (FSLC)

Hello, everybody.
10.11.19 the crowdsale campaign of the Taxi FunSpaceLab project starts.
Whitepaper is available at

For WavesCommunity, we make a bonus for the purchase of a token for 1 EUR.
1400 FSLC are reserved for bonus distribution.
Since the fslc token will be placed on the exchange only on November 10, 17:00 (Moscow time), so now you can buy the FSLP token. The bonus distribution is valid until the start of the crowdsale campaign.
After the start of the crowdsale campaign will be exchanged FSLP < > FSLC in the calculation of one to one.

Bonus program is closed. The FSLC token is available on the exchange at a price of ~ 1.4 EUR. Currency of purchase: WAVES; ETH. After the launch of the service, a buyback of 1.8 EUR.

The following investment model for the FSLC token is implemented:
Fundraising at the first stage - 1.4 EUR;
buyback to the second stage - from 1.8 EUR;
Raising funds at the second stage - 2.4 EUR;
buyback to the third stage - from 3.1 EUR.