Cryptin Wavesnode

Another week, another ATH :). 40 blocks!

I just did our 12th payment. Thanks for leasing. Payment details:

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Yesterday we published a new video on how to use Waves Keeper. Check it out:

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And we just did our 13th payment. 22 blocks forged this week!

Payment details:

This weeks payment is done! 25 blocks mined this week for a total of 11.5 Waves and 200 MRT. Payment details:

Payment 15 is now being done. We mined 20 blocks this week. Payment details:

The node software got upgraded to version 0.15.3 and we are voting in favour or feature 9 and 10:

  • Smart Assets are implemented as Feature #9
  • Smart Account Trading is implemented as Feature #10

We just did our 16th payment to our lessors. This week we forged 28 blocks.

Payment details:

Our node has been updated to the latest version 0.15.4.

Payment 17 is done! We mined 24 blocks this week, thanks for leasing to Cryptin! Payment info:

The last payout of 2018 is done! We mined 32 blocks this week. I hope to see all current lessors (and more) in the next year. Have a good one! :slight_smile:

Payment details:

Happy new year everyone! The first payment of 2019 to everyone leasing to Cryptin Wavesnode has been done. We mined 36 blocks this week! We hope you will continue to support of throughout this year :blush:

Payment details:

Payment number 20 is done! We mined 47 blocks this week which means we hit a new ATH :blush:

We hope to continue this growth throughout 2019!

Payment details:

Also we would like to mention we received a grant from the WavesGO Educational fund for our video on Waves Keeper. Thanks a lot @kimbimlim and WavesGO! We hope to provide more content on Waves soon.


Thank you guys for your content and looking forward to further videos/articles :smiley:

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Goodmorning everyone! We just did the 21st payment of Cryptin Wavesnode. We mined 52 blocks this week, yet another ATH! :slight_smile:

Payment to lessors has been done and details can be found here:

Payment number 22 was just done. 44 blocks this week, thanks for leasing everyone!

Payment details:

Hey, very nice video! I find it useful especially for newbies on Waves Platform, like me.

This week we mined 53 blocks, making another ATH! We are steadily growing in numbers of Waves leased to us and we want to thank everyone for doing so :slight_smile:

The 23rd payment was done and all information can be found here:

Thanks a lot :). We are working on a few ideas concerning video’s at the moment so if you have suggestions please dont hesitate to let us know.

Payment 24 is done! :blush: This week we mined 53 blocks.Also we’ve seen another increase in Waves leased to Cryptin this week, thanks for that! Payment details can be found here: