Cryptin Wavesnode


Pool name:

Address for leasing:
Or alias: cryptinwaves


Payment policy:
90% of all revenue to lessors

Weekly Payouts

Pool Representatives:
Hoshingen - Node operator, webmaster.
Kevin - Media (upcoming videocontent on Waves)

The Netherlands

Feature voting policy:
We vote in consensus with other node operators. For a fair and stable Waves network.

Other Details:
Dutch translation of the Waves client
Waves Reddit and forum moderator.
The main website Cryptin provides general information on cryptocurrency. The website explains crypto and blockchain in an easy going way by articles, guides, an extensive glossary and an FAQ.
Cryptin writes a monthly column for a big Dutch tech website



We just did our second payout today. Check out the payment spreadsheet here. Thanks everyone for leasing to Cryptin.

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We’ve upgraded our node to the latest version yesterday and are voting for feature 4 (smart accounts).

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Our Cryptin node just did the 3rd payout. We forged 15 blocks and distributed 5,7 Waves and 142 MRT to our lessors.


We just created a new video on How To Lease Waves and uploaded it on YouTube



Nice video. Simple and clear. It is very useful for new users on Waves Platform.

Can I share it on our website and channels?

Well done anyway. :+1:

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Hi @Angry_Panda_ROAR ! Ofcourse you can share it. It’s content to create awareness on Waves and help people. We would be happy if you did.

Thanks for the compliment.

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We just did payout number 4! We made a mistake and actually paid out more to our lessors. Since it was our mistake we don’t mind paying more this time. Thanks for leasing to cryptin!

Payment spreadsheet:

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We also published our latest article today. This one is the Ultimate Cryptocurrency Security Guide. Read it diminish the possibility of loosing funds. :slight_smile:

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We updated our node to version 0.14.5. Also we are working on a new YouTube video explaining how to use the Ledger with Waves. Coming soon!

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We just did our fifth payout. We forged 18 blocks. Thanks for leasing to us! Payment details can be found on our website:

We just updated our node to the latest version 0.14.6

We just did payout number 6! With 24 blocks forged this week this is a new ATH for us :slight_smile:

Thanks for leasing to us. All payment info can be found on our website:

What do you guys think of our latest video?

We just did payment number 7. Cryptin Wavesnode forged 12 blocks this week, payment details can be found on our website:

Thanks for leasing and see you next week!

Payment 8 was done! Lot’s of fee’s this week. Thanks for leasing to us!

Payment details:

Payment 9 was done:

We just upgraded the node to the latest version 0.14.7.

Payment 10 was done today! We forged 20 blocks and paid 6.4 Waves and 140 MRT to our lessors. The amount of Waves leased to us is steadily climbing, thanks!

Just did payment round 11. We forged 34 blocks this week which is a new ATH for us! Thanks for leasing.

Payment info: