Crypto Bantam store could add Waves and Waves World items


I would like to propose the possibility of supporting the addition of two Waves product lines on The Crypto Bantam store. Crypto Bantam offers a number of Crypto themed items, generally clothing such as T-shirts, hats and hoodies. A number of different cryptocurrencies are represented. There are currently two Waves tokens that have product lines: Tokes Platform and CoffeeCoin. Payment in cryptocurrency can be accomplished at checkout using either the MyCryptoCheckout plugin for WooCommerce/ WordPress sites, or Coinpayments.

I realized that both Waves and Waves World are supported on MyCryptoCheckout, which means that it could be relatively easy to launch those product lines on Crypto Bantam:

I believe it could be advantageous for the promotion and visibility of Waves to have at least the basic product line listed on there, which would include T-shirts in a few different colours, hoodies and a coffee mug. While the other two Waves projects, CoffeeCoin and Tokes Platform sometimes orders products to send for business and promotional efforts, it would also be nice if we could send something like a Waves T-shirt at the same time. If someone from Waves would like to enquire about adding these products, please contact Tom from Crypto Bantam at: [email protected]

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