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We run a node on digital ledger technology, the most secure and advanced way to do online banking and receive a positive interest on your capital. We advise you to be your own bank.

All About Us

What Sets Us Apart

The is a purpose-driven innovative blockchain startup, with the backing of a strong & supportive community. Advisors assist, guide & everyone who contributes is either a volunteer or help in exchange for bounties. We run a node on the Waves blockchain to secure the best and fastest network on the market. Our node generates an annual interest between 6% and 7%. We payout the generated interest daily to our investors. Investing with us is easy and secure and requires no minimum - you can start with any amount you like.

Buy WAVES and lease them to our node. Invest with the dApp Staking trading broker. Buy the amount of Staking assets that suits to you on the and get your daily profit payout direct into your wallet.

Withdraw & deposit CASH with your smartphone

Don’t bother going to the bank: with dApp you can use
your smartphone to pick up and deposit cash.
It’s secure, it’s easy and it can be used everywhere.

Shop fee 2.0 %
Referral fee 0.2% fee 0.2 %
Total standard transaction fee 2.4 %

Anytime and anywhere

Love or an ATM: some things are hard to find. But with dApp and partner shops all over the world, at least you’ll always get cash.

No risk, more fun

Don’t worry, your data is totally safe in our
DLT dApp compliant payment processor or
secured through the Blockchain.


Saving is not your thing? With dApp it happens anyway. You save the time you’d have spent hunting for a bank, plus the fees for using ATMs from other banks.

Beam me cash

Your date somehow “forgot” their wallet? dApp makes it easy for you to send money to
your friends in just seconds.​

Here’s how it works

No Download

You don’t need to download our dApp from the App or Google Play Store.
It’s opensource and you can register for free within minutes.​


Choose the amount and value, then the dApp scans the QR code of the partner shop and the dApp prepares the transaction for you.


Visit an partner shop, set the amount and your local cash, scan the QR code, accept and receive your cash


Show your QR code to a partner shop and deposit your cash.

Partner Shops near you

Register now and enjoy access to all partner shops worldwide.

Turn your cash register into a cash cow

New service, new customers: get dApp at your shop and give customers the ability to withdraw and deposit cash right at your register.

As a partner shop you earn from every CASH transaction:

You get a CASH OUT transaction fee of 2.0 %

You get a CASH IN transaction fee of 1.6 %

Why dApp?

New customers

New customers will find you through the dApp –
and maybe getting cash will turn into a spontaneous
shopping spree.

More service

With you offer your customers an additional service. And as every business owner knows: more is always better.

Worth it

Fewer bank processing costs, more customers,
and more revenue: with you earn money with
every transaction.

Super safe

Less money in the till means more money in your own bank – secured with the leasing proof of stake
system – and that’s guaranteed to make you sleep better.

Absolutely free

Things can always get better – so our service is not only safe and simple, but also free for partner shops.

No hardware

No additional devices are needed for dApp – your smartphone is enough.

Growing partner shops

Best and cheapest cash withdrawal and deposit network worldwide.

We use Bitwala bank is using the bank Bitwala. Your Bitwala bank account is only a few steps away!

Bank Bitwala

We use is using Your account is made in one minute!

Four easy steps to partnership

Contact dApp

We will answer all your questions and advise you on how to find the perfect solution for your store.

Start dApp

Register your Shop in the dApp within a minute. If you have an account wallet, you can integrate dApp directly into your Smartphone.

Discover dApp

Learn more about how to use dApp and how easy it is to work with in just a few minutes.

Enjoy dApp

Welcome to the family! To make sure everyone learns about us, we will give you free advertising material for your shop.

Become a partner and enjoy the advantages.