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We can say that organization is something derived from a collective awareness of the latent needs of the sport, so that it can evolve.
It is up to us to demand as a guarantee its own security. Guarantee and this, which brings another as a result: that of an increasingly enveloping spectacle based on the evolution of the modality, whatever it may be
This requires a regulatory basis, where all the interests and needs of a group are met. It is up to us to defend the rights of the main element of this whole thing, The Skater.
Your Security, Respect, Your Right as a competitor, Your Opinion and Your Sicknesses must be defended by that body.
As unified annual planning, regulation and ranking, everyone’s work is facilitated and the market gains interest and visibility.
It is a fact that the initiative to promote an event is an attitude that should be valued.
However, an event where the minimum safety and infrastructure conditions are overlooked can not be valued.
Often only good intention is not enough.
Information and experience are needed.
The opposite shows the irresponsibility of who organizes and even of who ends up competing for the fissure of running a championship.
IMPOS as a rule our personal taste. It is not because the individual can walk and even compete in a certain condition, that it should be taken as the basis of RESOLUTION in a deadlock, and what is much worse, to impose this on competitors, so as to pressure them to act against the will and harming themselves.
Not everyone has material to spare at will, and for MANY it is still difficult to buy a shape, a set of wheels, a jodo of bearings or even a new sandpaper.
Another important aspect is Performance.
What favors the modality skate
It is up to us collabskatecoin to point out the lack of such representativeness.
Only in this way can we bring to skate what you see in other sports
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