Cryptocurrency News Project: The Connected World in Cryptocurrencies!

The Criptomoeda News Project aims to help website readers (Criptomoeda News) and other people around the world to learn more about the world of virtual currencies and blockchain.
The purpose of the project is to help people get news and information about the crypto world and other things that involve virtual currencies.
With that we have the token (Criptomoeda News) created on the Waves blockchain. These tokens will be used to interact with everyone, it’s a way to engage the public and bring everyone into the global crypto world.

Project template
The project model will work with the distribution of the Criptomoeda News token to those who want to have the token in their wallet on Waves Exchange, and whoever wants to trade the token can trade on Waves Exchange.

Additional benefits for Token Holders
The benefit will be to help people who still don’t know the crypto world.

Technical Description of the Platform
Version: 2
Token Name: Criptomoeda News
Block Number: 1289533
Cap Type: (Reissuable)
Total Supply: 90,899,977,496 CriptomoedaNews
Date and Time of Creation: 03.12.2018, 10:31:33
Asset ID: D5sNBxLHrN8cR6SE3w2gTCmzJbttF5ofKD4kSgXgM5W9