Cryptogram airdrops, Who owns it?

CRYPTOGRAM is giving airdrops to waves holders?
I just receive few of this coin, now 3 of it.

I cannot fount the site or other info of this coin,

it has a lot of waves buy back program
Check them

What is the purpose of this coin?, seems I cannot get one!

in the other hand, join redfishcoin 2nd airdrops here!

I got few of them too. Don’t have any idea of the project though.

Waves Team owns it. Users found out few connected transactions of cryptogram buyback account and mutcoin buyback account. Also cryptogram account connected with MRT payout account.

So yes, it’s obviously Waves Team.

if they are, what is the purpose of this cryptogram?
Why they exist?

Well, i have some ideas, but to be clear, “stay tuned ©”.

Is there anything new out there about cryptogram?

So far we have the token description.
Description the purpose of the token will become apparent sooner rather than later

They made around 12 airdrops to nearly 800k wallets.
Alfter that that made 3 airdrops of wbtc in total 3 BTC to all cryptogram.

And lately that made 2 airdrops of lucky penny to the top wallets.
From 3P6NFXJJdNVwQjAfVE1PmfjpSGMCdjGrhnC
The first airdrop was with the attachment
Good luck with cryptogram
The second had
Bow to the power of cryptogram.

Description Rarity: Rare Minted under the rainbow by hardworking gnomes, stolen by cunning leprechauns, and you got it almost for nothing +3 LUCK +1 INT

The lucky Penny was created in February 18 so it probably has nothing to do with it.

3 BTC actually, not 30.

Thanks I have edited it

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Ended what?,
. ,. , .

Distrubution of 10 satoshi per 1 cyrptogram continues Every Day. Any idea?

The answers from waves support changed and now they say it is a token created from a third party.
From the time of the first distribution and the upcoming smart account I think it will be an dapp

Thanks CRyptogram