CryptoTek Project

Hello everyone I am Crypto Communication Technologies Limited founder.

I plan to create largest Bitcoin Minining farm in Canada with use of its own power infrastructure!

This is Infrastructure project that will focus on mining and Blockchain Cloud Research Lab. We will provide businesses cost effective way to test their projects on Dapp platforms of any kind and will issue buy back programs for its buyers with crypto we intend to mine. After buyback is starts we will buy it at higher price than you initially purchase it from us. We will have our own power distribution and will resell it to public grid Olin our jurisdiction and will use income generated to buy tokens you purchase from us. After each batch is bought back it will be burned. Option 2 would be is that you keep token ad we give you ERC20 utility tokens that you will be able to land to our prospective client and we share reasonable amounts of our profits from Blockchain Research Lab Program. Our finished project should have 125 MW power infrastructure which will be used to help power our infrastructure and it will produce about 7 million worth of Bitcoin assets a day under 70% load. 30 will be sold under power distribution agreement with utility companies. You will be also able to rent out someone spot to host their mining operations at our DPC (Data Processing Centre) 30% of mining power will be reserved for us to use. Regardless of cost of bitcoin 70% of mined bitcoin will be sold to the market and we will be able to buy each token you hold with pure cash or Bitcoin in our vault (you always have right to choose in what form you want to sell tokens to us. Buyback will be processed in First come, first bought approach. You can ask any questions in regards to the project by email [email protected] or post your questions here.
You can find more about the project at coingecko by searching CTT in ICO tab.
SOFT CAP: 25000000 CTT tokens sold
HARD CAP: 112500000 CTT tokens sold (90% supply)
RESERVED: 10% for use and distribution among partners and advisors
ASSET ID: H78UTCkDw2BRUBt7vxf8yFiEvUw6wCGcpdNmyaXs9yMo
Currently on sale: 12500000 tokens as Pre-ICO batch at Pre-ICO value
Public ICO scheduled within next 6 months! During Pre-ICO stage we committed to sell 20% of all tokens