Darcrus and Mercury

Deprecated information. All participants were given the opportunity to move to JUP.


This is great to see, glad they finally decided to get their own forum going! Long live DAR and MER!

Great to see the Gravity platform up and running. Keen to see the what decentralised apps will be created. Well done guys!

Very cool! One of the best ever airdrops to the community :slight_smile:

For those looking to get familiar with Gravity and start storing and committing data to the blockchain in minutes, check out our comprehensive and handy Get Started guide -


I remember this was on bittrex it crashed hard then got delisted, whats up with that?

  1. What are the clients of Sigwo (Jupiter users)?
  2. Maybe you can name some other successful cases or pilots?
  3. “I remember this was on bittrex it crashed hard then got delisted, whats up with that?” could you briefly comment this?

I’m asking due to possible support to your project from Waves Lab

Darcrus and Mercury secure a new exchange! https://blog.darcr.us/darcrus-and-mercury-get-a-new-exchange-898beb4dfb5a

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Don’t miss the ask me anything #AMA and Darcrus airdrop happening this Saturday at 11am UTC. Find our more on our Telegram - https://t.me/darcrus

The AMA was postponed and will now be September 1st at 8PM Korean time(UTC+9).

We’ve got a big month coming up! Exchange listing for DAR and MER, and AMA with founder of Sigwo Tech and an airdrop and social media contest with a 20k prize!

Join our Telegram channel for more info - https://t.me/darcrus

Darcrus and Mercury are being added to South Korean exchange https://trebit.com

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The Sigwo AMA is happening today on Telegram - https://t.me/darcrus

Trebit Exchange announces it will list Darcrus and Mercury. Trading starts Wednesday, September 12th.

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The newest blog update it out.


We’re live on Trebit. Darcrus and Mercury deposits now enabled!

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An early beta version of Metis. Encrypted chat without up your privacy.

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We’re giving away DAR soon. Make sure you’re in the telegram and discord channels above to find out how to get yours!

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We’re giving away DAR! Don’t miss your chance to join before we get started -

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Nothing here. Migrated project, friend.