Dear guests of the forum, we invite you to study the information about the DuxGroup project

The coin was created on 20.10.2020 on the WAVES blockchain.
04.11.2020 after successful tests, the highly profitable BOT @duxgroupbot was launched
22.12.2020 the official website started working
These tools will generate a profit of 0.25% to 2% per day.

You can buy DXGRP coins for both fiat currencies and crypto currency in the Bot, on the Website or on the Waves exchange. All exchanges will be conducted at the current exchange rate at the time of the transaction. If there is no currency in the list, then when contacting technical support, the question will be processed and the exchange will be made.

At the moment, the DXGRP coin is secured and supported by mining and trading.

The team of the project has a large experience in mining, paramining and trading.


@cardman777 project Development manager

@DuxGroupAdmin Chief administrator

Telegram: Contact @dux_group the official channel where you can learn everything about the project.

Telegram: Contact @DuxGroupOfficial an official group where you can ask all questions about the project and hear feedback from participants.

P.S. You can write a lot, but it is better for you to study everything and ask us questions, we will be happy to answer and help you in everything. As a gift, 0.5 coins for registration.

Telegram: Contact @DuxGroupOfficial the last video message of the manager.
TOKEN ID: 4vixcgreEGLY6sKbEHF53ghg6PXyT3jzBF3YteG3sJDn

Dear participants!
Many have already seen the message on the site about the upcoming opening Cryptocurrency hedge fund
The decision to open the fund was made by the management after numerous appeals from investors,
those who can not independently engage in trading and increase their capital.
The DuxGroup team has an understanding and experience in both trading and mining.
After the official launch of the fund, information on the terms of participation and investment portfolios will be available.

A cryptocurrency hedge fund is a managed capital that consists of digital format money.
Simply put, it contains the cryptocurrency of depositors who have agreed to give their savings to the trust management.
For investors, this is attractive because there is no need to independently track the trends of the cryptocurrency market,
deal with complex mathematical formulas and generally spend your time and nerves on it.

A cryptocurrency hedge fund is a virtual bridge between experienced traders and investors who trust them with their money.
Depositors practically do not participate in financial management, all the work for them is done by specialists.
For funds, this is attractive because they receive a much larger scale of capital, and this gives them an advantage over private investors.
In addition, managing significant amounts of funds is also more cost-effective.
By entrusting your digital assets to professionals, you will significantly increase your own profit, which can reach about 1000% per year.

All financial transactions of the fund will be carried out using the DXGRP coin.

P.S. Each DXGRP coin in the near future will bring you such income as you choose yourself!!!

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