Decrybe — Web3 freelance exchange

1 Introduction

In 21st century gains great popularity so-called self-employment. People try to avoid working in companies, preferring work at home. But how then to look for orders if no one knows about You? Freelance exchanges come to the rescue. However, their problem is that they all centralizated, but Decrybe will solve this problem.

1.1 Problem

When studying the famous freelance exchanges, we identified several problems:

  • Centralization
  • Cheating

The problem of centralization is that the exchange is controlled in one place by the same administrators who have the right to terminate the functioning of the site and leave you with nothing.

Cheating is an equally important issue of centralized freelance exchanges. A person faces deception throughout his life, but is he waiting for him on the freelance exchange? Previously - no, now - yes. That is why, users are looking for a third party - a kind of guarantor that takes a percentage of the transaction, or a fixed fee, but provides an honest exchange. Not only customers, but also performers can deceive.

1.2 Solution

To combat centralization, we offer our decentralized application. Even if the main site is closed due to any conditions from outside, anyone can start their own site and continue to use the service. Moreover, all order data, reviews, etc. will remain.

Deception will be impossible. Since the contract between the customer and the contractor will be governed by a smart contract. When ordering, the smart contract checks if there is money to pay for the order from the customer (or part of it), if there is, then the prepayment falls into dApp and remains there until the order is completed by the contractor or until n days have passed from the day of the order. If the order is executed by the contractor and the customer is satisfied with the result, then the remaining money is transferred to the contractor, and the order is sent to the customer.

If one of the parties considers that she was deceived, she can hold a so-called referendum, i.e. display the details of the order and provide an opportunity for all platform participants to vote and decide which of the parties is right. The winning side receives money.

2 Product

Decrybe – decentralized freelance exchange. The exchange is based on Web3 technologies, each user decides what information about himself to disclose. The platform is absolutely autonomous, it does not need centralized persons, because any user with a certain rating can support its work. In addition, the operation of the exchange is based on a smart contract, which means that all actions related to the platform are strictly described by a certain script, which any user can familiarize themselves with. All data is stored in the blockchain - a decentralized database. Payment is carried out using cryptocurrencies.

2.1 Payment

Payment for the order and all calculations will be made in Waves. This will simplify the process of immersion in the platform… We could release our token, but for users the process of getting to know the platform would have ended very quickly, because not everyone is ready to delve into the essence of the token and figure out how to buy it on the exchange and what to do with it later.
USD-N integration is possible soon.

2.2 Revenue model

We will receive a fixed part of each transaction in the amount of 2%.

2.3 Review system

After the contractor completes the order, the customer has the right to leave a review with the contractor in the profile, with which additional experience is given.

2.4 System of experience gaining and lvl-ups

When completing the task, the performer receives not only Waves for his work, but also experience in the ratio of 1:25, that is, for 1 waves the performer will receive 25 experience

2.5 Referal program

To attract new users, a referral system will be introduced. Platform participants who attracted new active users will be paid a percentage of the decrybe’s income. Active are users, who have committed any actions related to monetary transactions.

For example, the user who completed the task and received payment for it is considered active. A user who simply registered on the platform is not considered as active. This means that the person who invited him will not receive a payment for attracting a referral until the referral becomes active.

2.6 Messaging

For communication between users on the platform, an encrypted message exchange system is implemented. All encrypted messages are stored on the blockchain. Only the sender or the recipient can decrypt the correspondence. Nobody else. Encryption keys are not used.

2.7 Simplified registration

We use Waves Signer technology, which allows you to easily create an account on the platform.

Currently, for correct operation, it is recommended to use Waves Keeper.

2.8 Simplified balance replenishment

Having studied many projects based on blockchain technology, we came to the conclusion that not all users are ready to perform a large number of operations to achieve their goals. In short, the less action is better. Therefore, we decided to introduce a quick purchase of Waves on our platform, so that users without much effort could immediately start using the platform.

3 Public Alpha Testing

We have released an alpha version of our decentralized application. Anyone can help us test it. In this version, not everything that is described above is implemented.

For example, a simplified balance replenishment, a system of levels and a referral system have not yet been implemented.

We publish the list of changes in the Changelog section of the website and on the channel in Telegram.


Before use, do not forget to change the network in Waves Keeper to testnet

We are also hosted by the Ventuary DAO, so if you have a desire to support the project, let’s start!

5 Afterword

At the moment, many blockchain projects provide the user with only technology, but do not care about usability. Because of this, some users leave such projects without knowing all the power of decentralization. This leads to a negative impression of the industry as a whole. Simplified balance replenishment, together with simplified registration, will help solve this problem, as well as create a positive impression of the industry.

This description of Decrybe is not final. Our team reserves the right to make changes at any time without publicly reporting it.

Now the repository with the project code is open to everyone:

It sounds pretty cool, but I kind of lost interest when you said 2% fee… that seems a little steep