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Despacito (despacito)
Despacito - is a unique token on Waves, which has no analogues in the world. Mathematics secures the network and empowers individuals to manage their own finances, as well as includes, almost zero-cost payments anywhere in the world. Together with Despacito, you can not only store or transfer your finances, but also watch the world-famous video of Luis Fonsi on the track Despacito

Name: Despacito
Ticker: Despacito
Total Supply: 10M

Despacito is Available at the Biggest Decentralized Exchange the Waves DEX Exchange . And it’s DEX exclusive.

We’re making a website where you can watch the Luis Fonsi video and pay for it 1 despacito coin. But what if you run out of despasito? Then you can “mined” despasito for yourself, just watching the clip (Despacito, by Luis Fonci).
In this way, we create an internal biosphere, where tokens will always be needed, but at the same time always available.

I think that’s it.
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