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This topic is for discussing your issues, requests, feedback and for announcements related to Waves Ride IDE and REPL.

IDE link

Getting started with REPL video

There is also vscode plugin releasing soon.
Stay tuned.


There was an update for IDE and REPL last friday!


  1. New design
  2. Autocomplete for all RIDE context functions. You can check them out in docs
  3. Support for base64 literals


  1. REPL is a separate project now. GitHub repo: Check readme. It explains how to use REPL
  2. REPL uses “waves-transactions” library now.
  3. Support for data transactions and setScript transactions

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.


Error number 1:
Hello, I’m doing everything as in this video.
But I get an error in step const coin = issue(“waves tokens” , “ico” , 8 , 1000000 , true)
What’s wrong?

Error number 2:
I specified my sit in the settings but at the stage - address() - I do not get my address.

Question - Waves Ride can release my token or is it all on the test stage? I did my best to repeat and study, but I can not do anything, I’m sad: ((I want to release my token.

Regarding your first issue:
Interactive console has been updated recently. Check the links in the post above. In your case you should do:

const coin = issue({
    name: "waves tokens",
    description: "ico",
    quantity: 1000000,
    decimals: 8,
    reissuable: true

Regarding your second issue:
I cannot replicate this. I can type any seed phrase, and get an address via address() function. Can you please provide more info?

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Hi ! …I’m also using my best effort to achieve the goal. A comment as feedback, please make tutorial in different versions; Placing subtitles in different languages ​​is not a bad proposition. I am a follower of the platform many months ago. I am very sure that the new updates of waves will leave behind the contracts of ethereum and there is a Spanish-American and Spanish speaking community that would love to know more in their language, especially me, since I want to develop my dreams together with you. greetings from Chile


concerns the second question:
I insert the seed of my wallet waves

My address is not my wallet waves

the correct address of my wallet 3P7sxR46RjMXBTgJwFnp1hHaJQE21CPmBM9 but coming out 3Mus9TjCZbp8Z1NtgBXp4EukwWiFAyjgLA5

what am I doing wrong? I want was the address of my wallet

It seems that you’re trying to get a MAINNET address so you should switch to ‘W’ chainID
Go to settings and change API_BASE to and CHAIN_ID to W

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Thank you. I think this item should be added to the description.

Will do, thx.
We are at the very beginning, so stay tuned for updates.

when i make a release an error appears

declare function reissue(
assetId: 5WLqNPkA3oDp1hTFCeUukTL1qvFnk9Ew7DXTtCzvoCer,
quantity: 1000000,
reissuable: true,
fee: number = 100000000,
timestamp: number =,
version: number = 1,
seed: string = env.SEED

I do not want to be intrusive, but I can’t do without your help, tell me how to properly re-issue an asset?

assetId: “5WLqNPkA3oDp1hTFCeUukTL1qvFnk9Ew7DXTtCzvoCer”,
quantity: 1000000,
reissuable: true,

Two things that are not obvious here:
reissue(as well as other functions) has not many arguments but only one, an object. this object has default field values for time, fee and seed set.

Thank you for your questions, we’ll update our guide

I get an error

const coin = reissue({
assetId: “5WLqNPkA3oDp1hTFCeUukTL1qvFnk9Ew7DXTtCzvoCer”,
quantity: 1000000,
reissuable: true,

The release function does not work. :frowning:

Can you read the error message?
Your quote symbol messed up it’s like from Microsoft Word.
Use " instead.

To perfect your RIDE skills you should order a brand new book.

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Put " "
Screenshot%20(2) Screenshot%20(3)

It is impossible to release, the description does nothing except a riddle. Is it really difficult to give a correct example?

You’ve executed this script twice, and you have already declared ‘coin’ use var or another name.

I’m confused.
the description says


You can give an example of the correct function as it did @ siem

I don’t understand what you’re talking about, I’m just trying to re-issue the token, but I don’t get it because of ignorance of the function and the wrong manul. All day puzzled, there is no result.