Dex Orders API Not Returning Successful Orders

@enichegovsky Sorry, dont know what happened there.

It seems that the old client is displaying only cancelled orders and not the completed (as well as the API but not the latest client where I created successful orders)

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@nv.nv Ok. Do you have more than 100 cancelled orders?
Api method returns last 100 orders ordered by timestamp. If you filled order and than canceled 100 orders, then you will not see filled one.

PS old waves client do not sort orders by timestamp, it sorts orders by status, so filled (closed) orders will be in the end of the list.
You can try to fill a new order and then you should see filled order in the “my orders” list

@enichegovsky Thanks for the explanation. In my screenshot hereI ran GetOrders for the EUR/USD pair and I get 7 Txs back which are all cancelled. I imagine if I had more than a 100 it would have returned at least a 100 back?

So no, I dont think I have more than a 100 TXs. Just out of interest, is the new waves client looking at a different version of the API? Because it clearly has the completed orders and the old client doesnt.

How do we work going forward to get this API updated and add status filter in addition to current pairs filter?

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@enichegovsky any news on this? Really enjoy using your platform but for us to keep our business going we need this to work. More than happy to work with you on the API side of things to get this fixed, PM me if you need more info or a hand.

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Yes, in old client you should get 100 orders.
New client uses different methods to get closed orders.

We hope that next release should fix your problem. If issue would be reproduced after next release, please write us again.
It would be perfect if you tell us detailed steps to reproduce this issue, because we have no direct access to your orderhistory without private key. (not now, only if problem will be reproduced after release)

We plan to make new matcher release on next week.

Ran the tests yesterday and it looks like we are getting all of the transactions. Will do more testing around it, but huge thanks for all your help and time. It be great now to add market type orders :slight_smile: but maybe leave it for another thread in forum.


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you are developing a waves dex trading bot? wow that sounds interesting? can you tell us more what can the bot do? is it an arbitrage bot between multiple exchanges?

Hi Arthur,
We are developing a bot where you can just plug an exchange in and off it goes. No inter-exchange arbitrage at the moment but sometime down the line maybe. Send us a PM if you would like to know more.

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so its a bot that opperates currently an exchange, that sounds very interesting,

may i check out that bot? i could use such a bot, for automatised asset pegging & price controlling on my project.