Dex Orders API Not Returning Successful Orders

I have been developing a bot that uses your API, but have run into an issue when retrieving orders using the following endpoint:


It seems that it does not include Orders that have completed successfully and only shows ongoing orders or cancelled ones.

Is this by design and I am using the wrong endpoint, or is it a bug?


Josh Plumbly

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This is known bug, fix will be rolled out this week, probably tomorrow.

Fantastic! Good to hear and thank you for the quick response.

Hey Guys,

Is there any update on when this is likely to be in?

Yeah, I’m interested in the fix as well

Working on it, still need to complete some tasks before release.

Cool @alexkof please update when solved, a lot of users are complaining lately (most trading bot owners/developers)

@alexkof Hi, any news on the above? What is the planned timeline?
Quite a major issue for us currently if we can’t get all transactions.

It should be already fixed, could you check?

@alexkof so Im using c# client [WavesCS], updated to latest version and tried GetOrders test.

On waves desktop client I can see several comepleted TXs :

And the result returned by the test contain only cancelled orders:

Am I missing something?


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Yep. Afraid I am still seeing the same issue as well.

@nv.nv @JPlumbly Could you please send me some more info.
I’ve just tried to get all my orders using GetOrders method from WavesCS it’s equal to old waveswallet client. And in old client I can see both submitted and counterorders in all statuses.

Check your user’s orders in old client - Is response the same?
Can you send me exchange tx ids’ of orders you cannot see and your address if responses are equal.
What kind or order you cannot see? Your order filled someone else or someone filled your order?

Orderes were placed using Waves desktop client. Here are two example TXs that we cannot retrieve using the Waves CS lib GetOrders method:

TX ID: H49EFp6adnWwxZMrLvuxvawa9GQGf8ci6xmyp5kDodhK | TYPE: Exchange Sell | DATE: 8/19/2018 21:42:59 | SENDER ADDRESS: 3PJaDyprvekvPXPuAtxrapacuDJopgJRaU3 | TX AMOUNT: 1.00 Euro | RECIPIENT ADDRESS: n/a | TX FEE: 0.003 Waves

TX ID: BGen8xUYyJsKV6cqc8KbBkbnotzWF5k4akBQpU4YTKsV | TYPE: Exchange Buy | DATE: 8/12/2018 22:38:37 | SENDER ADDRESS: 3PJaDyprvekvPXPuAtxrapacuDJopgJRaU3 | TX AMOUNT: 0.75 Euro | RECIPIENT ADDRESS: n/a | TX FEE: 0.003 Waves

As per my screenshot above looks like we are only getting cancelled Txs. Which is OK because they do exists, but in addition we should see completed ones as well.
My address is:


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@nv.nv Could you please show response of EUR/USD pair in old client -
Can you see your orders in old waves client?

@enichegovsky Yes I can, please see attached:

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@nv.nv Not exchange transactions, orders. I can see transactions via explorer.
Open Dex - My orders table.

@enichegovsky sorry, cant see My order tab but maybe this will be sufficient:

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Click EUR/USD pair. Waves/BTC opened by default.
You can find these assets by name (Euro/ US Dollar) or click EUR/USD button in favorite list

Looks like there are no orders there as well :thinking:

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@nv.nv sorry, but you sent last screen of another address, not 3PJBoXNxM9VJG18U6CvvBT5iTuWvjnGhY4y