Dex sponsored token

I’m developing a BRL Gateway. In this case many new clients do not have waves and therefore can not use DEX. So the idea is they pay the DEX fee on my token to me and I pay the Matcher on Waves as a sponsored token. I think this is a good idea for other projects as well. What do you think?


I think it’s a great idea, the core of Waves could give this solution


I approve the idea, I think it would be of great value to the waves community.


Wow! this facilitates for user, and waves are still being paid to Matcher. I loved the idea.

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The WAVES as core token will be useless in some time? No? I still dont understand how “sponsored” transactions works on our waves blockchain.

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No. Because the sponsor pays the fee on Waves.

For more information, access

Currently sponsored tokens are only valid for transfers, I’m suggesting that they work on DEX as well.


I like your proposal to extend the use of sponsored tokens to the DEX.
I hope the Waves team also agrees :+1:


Thanks for inviting me to comment. This is a good idea. The process of getting into Waves does need to be easier, or at least more streamlined. What payments would you accept on your gateway? In what country would it be based in?

Here in the USA, it is a real burden to get into any crypto. I created a utility token on Waves to make it easy/streamlined for US residents to utilize the Waves Dex and trade out my token for whatever else is available on the Dex.
The project has slowed a bit, with people losing interest in crypto/Bitcoin.
If interested,

I would like to propose a Commit in the matcher to apply this solution. Can someone give me the address on Github? Thanks

It’s a great idea. It’ll open the doors to a more balanced ecosystem.

Hi very good news, And Axai is going on that same road for the Caribbean region.
Let’s get Fiat gateway to access Waves.


I approached the problem in a different way. To create the gateway i created a trading pair gatewaycoin/waves
I fund the waves sell trade and distribute the gatewaytoken. Gateway token 1=1 to local currency. this give the user the opportunity to trade the gateway token for waves token and from that point the user is in the system. As demand for other crypto grow within the user group i will add other pairs that will trade directly to other tokens/coins. At this point in time the general market will trust the value of the gatewaytoken. For your effort you control the selling price on the waves token into your gatwaytoken economy. Hope this help Love and Peace

Thanks for the contribution. I had already thought of this solution, I think it is not the best, but currently it is the only one possible. What is your gateway? Love and peace.

It is based in Brazil. At first with BRL. But the idea is to develop other solutions with a focus on commerce.

ZACoin is the coin for the gateway

Hi Robert,
I had a look at your continuum website looks great may I ask how are you doing the payment from your site with the 8% margin ?

Hi. the 8% covers the cost incurred from the payment processors. Whatever % is left, is for me.