DEX without signing in


Sometimes it happens that I am not at home and I want to check the DEX, for example, to see the order book for a specific coin, to find out the current volume or the trading history etc. This is a tricky situation. I don’t want to type in my seed on a public computer, nor do I want to log in using my phone which is connected to a public WiFi. If I were to trade on Binance, this is no big deal. Anyone can go to Binance, and check what’s going on the exchange. One does not have to log in to see the current trades. This is not the case with Waves.

I know I can always go to dev.pywaves for data, but the DEX has data displayed as graph and more features. Would it be a good idea to have the DEX open to the public, i.e. to those who have not signed in?

In my opinion, this has two advantages.

1-) Improved security. I won’t have to log in to my account unnecessarily.

2-) More visibility / user attraction. As a user, I never bothered to sign up to a platform without first seeing what it is. Waves is perhaps the only exception. If DEX is open to the public, to those with no accounts, they can see how cool the user interface is, or see that any pair can be traded against any trade on Waves DEX, (…fill in any cool feature here) etc, and this would encourage them to create an account.

I remember Sasha has suggested separating out the DEX, and making it accessible on a separate page. People voted for this on telegram. Perhaps in the new site, you can have the DEX open to everybody.


I am looking forward for this Idea, I wanted to see the DEX also live even without giving my seed in public computer. As other exchanger and dex also that you see what’s happening even without logging in

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Guys, we have this. You can use it now :grinning:


Good idea @Behucin :+1:

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Angry_Panda_ROAR :wink:

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Great. I didn’t know! Thanks @tatiana :smile:

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Oh! I never knew this. Thank you Tatiana.

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But, Tatiana, nobody knows this demo link. When you go to, and click on ‘Online Client’, you only have 2 options. ‘Get Started’ or ‘Restore from back-up’. The first one is to create an account, and the second one is to sign in. So you would need one more button called ‘Demo’, or another option is that ‘Get Started’ can take you immediately to the demo itself. And from there one can create the account.


I did not know that! it’s great.