Digilira Node

Pool name: Digilira

Address for leasing: 3PB4uwJUr7G3P5naz7K5SHukXapiGyynXqm

Website: https://leasing.digilira.com

Payment policy: Once a week (fridays)

Lease your Waves to digilira node and get rewarded. We are paying out every week and 90% of tokens we forged including MRT too.

Pool Representatives:


Location: Turkey

Feature voting policy: We will inform leasors about voting activities.

Who We Are

Digilira is a platform that allows Turkish citizens to convert Turkish Liras (TRY) into crypto currency Turkish Liras (WTRY) and trade with Turkish Liras at Waves DEX. Brand name of digilira comes from “Digital Turkish Lira”. The virtual counterpart of real Turkish Liras are always backed on 1:1. Digilira is serving as a gateway for both of them.

Also we are running a fullnode to support Waves Blockchain.

You can check https://leasing.digilira.com for more info and to track payouts!

Serkan Bayar
CEO Digilira

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Hello Alex, it’s done :wink:

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Можно узнать я 26.02.2019 отправил вам 0.5 волны выплаты у вас 1 раз в неделю по пятницам но волны так и не приходили от вас мой ассест 3P32QbxAgJHAitUXhq6RP2suMYii9N6tbHB

Dijilira teşekkür ederim ilk çdeme yapıldı iyi çalışmlar dilerim