Dodllnode Pool

Pool name: dodllnode (Russian topic)

Address for leasing: 3PLp1QsFxukK5nnTBYHAqjz9duWMriDkHeT or alias: dodllnode

Website: (under construction)

Payment policy: 95% income payouts weekly! (except participants of The Game of Nodes Winners List which will receive 100% payouts forever)

Pool Representatives: Welcome to the dodllnode! We became prize winners of “Game of Nodes” and now we are one of the biggest and most reliable public node of Waves ecosystem.

You can cancel and resume leasing at any time - you will still receive payout for the time that your balance was in leasing on the node. All balances below 0.005 WAVES are accumulated and sent when this value is reached.

We pay out every Monday. Payouts link.

Our telegram chat: Telegram: Contact @dodllnode

Email to [email protected]

Feature voting policy: Any controversial decision is discussed and voted by the Dodllnode token.

Every 100,000 blocks nodes votes for monetary policy (decrease or increase miner block reward by 0,5 WAVES). Participants of our pool can decide how we will vote on



First #payout!

If you win the Game of Nodes, How long do you plan to share rewared comes from prize 1000000 lease?
Can leases receive them every 2 weeks for 1 year?

Every lease will receiving payouts from the prize million as long as there will be a million in leasing. Of course if you cancel your leasing - you will not receive payouts.

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Thank you for your answer. I have an additional question.
How do you decide the leased waves amount of each leaser which used for calculating prize share?

“Game of nodes” prize payments will be received only by those who leased before September 18.

Do you plan to create an address white list according to the snapshot of September 18?
Then, you share rewards from prize lease among white list addresses based on leased amount every moment in future?

How do you decide the leased waves amount of each leaser which used for calculating prize share?

If simplify the calculations, then:

  • We have generating balance 100.000
  • We won 1.000.000
  • 1.000.000 / 100.000 = 10
  • Your leasing will multiply in ten times in rewards calculations.

Do you plan to create an address white list according to the snapshot of September 18?

This will be visible on the blockchain at any time :slight_smile: But yes, we are preparing white paper with clearly defined rules and regulations.

Then, you share rewards from prize lease among white list addresses based on leased amount every moment in future?

Yes, “white list adresses” receive their 100% payout + payout from the prize stack (as long as it is). The rest is just 100%.

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Thank you for the clarification.
I wish you success.

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HI I have additional question again.
MinersReward(MRT) is not shared among leasers?
In previous payouts, MinersReward has not been distributed.

We are sharing all income from mining! In the first payout had not mined a single block yet. The next payout will include Waves, MRT and Dodllnodes (voting token).

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Great! & Thank you for your explanation.

According to 5th snapshot Top-3 addresses has:

|x|3PGSgqbVfzz2Ppf9NdPKuMeSMwgfbnfm45h||74.24| - seed was compromised

1 3PMfuybWze8n6zLkis6wtTUAY3odK6CgPDc 62.3
2 3P94MMioNFQUQC68wtWaY4Eb8DANWK5wwrW 51.83
3 3P93NJh3MfCbmR7MWWBNVz9TszK19kPmSQT 49.92
13 3PLp1QsFxukK5nnTBYHAqjz9duWMriDkHeT 32.73


  • to reach 3rd place we need 17.2 points or +38,000 Waves with Performance Ratio = 1
  • to reach 2nd place we need 19.1 points or +53,000 Waves with Performance Ratio = 1
  • to reach 1st place we need 29.5 points or +161,000 Waves with Performance Ratio = 1

  • prize for 3rd place is 400,000 Waves / 136,000 Waves (our generating balance
    by that time) = 2.95 or 295% prize payouts + regular 100% payouts = 395%;
  • prize for 2nd place is 600,000 Waves / 151,000 Waves (our generating balance
    by that time) = ~4 or 400% prize payouts + regular 100% payouts = 500%;
  • prize for 1st place is 1,000,000 Waves / ~260,000 Waves (our generating balance
    by that time) = ~3.85 or 385% payouts + regular 100% payouts = 485%;

If the profitability of the Waves network in the near future becomes 5% (as Sasha Ivanov promises), then the profitability of dodllnode will be from 20%!
According to the calculations after the 5th snapshot (in which we are unequivocal leaders), for the prize place we need ~ 38,000 more Waves!

Let’s win the “Game of Nodes” together!

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#Payout #2! More information here:

Dodllnode (token for voting):

And we sent Dodllnode token for our first payout (proportionally to Waves):


(Quote from the description of “GAME NODE”: “The core task of this challenge is to increase your stake by any available means, but mainly by attracting new WAVES leases”.)

(All data is valid on September 6)

  1. 3PGobRuQzBY9VbeKLaZqrcQtW26wrE9jFm7 wavescapnode (date of birth: 08/30/19)

Points with a current balance and PR - 93.69 (points after the 6th snapshot - 69.19)

Total leased: 698’643 Waves. 82.3% from three addresses:

  • 3PGh7qtm9YxG1RYZnhwPC2esdaSxGEpcNwt - 208`644.81 - 29.968%

  • 33PEKyYWWQCRyXRmDXnCRgHaCKvZ5xYMeZsk - 204`000.00 - 29.301%

  • 3PD5yxf8AGHpyegxAMcRPWK5isGns75DjAC - 160`500.00 - 23.053%

  1. 3P82iKJ6UMAT3zzpLBRYrWe3ZxLhb21J3m1 wavescloud (date of birth: 08/28/19)

Points with current balance and PR - 86.66 (points after the 6th snapshot - 71.28)

Total leased: 598’167 Waves. 83.3% from one address:

  • 3PQE4jm8b8FnfqSxtHkZ33a5wtUR6inXXMJ - 488`000.00 - 83.271%

  • 3P9AkfRQu4Dk3d9JPKH98QDQFMJbuimhgFA - 57`200.00 - 9.760%

  • 3PGyw3B5RDErjgLm6kjJ5xouXjGahrWZeSJ - 37`946.26 - 6.475%

  1. 3P4QYFDHZqLw94MY1XNEwxdXpFiDuaLjTDu inprofit (date of birth: 08/09/19)

Points with current balance and PR - 82.09 (points after the 6th snapshot - 64.70)

Total leased: 301’083 Waves. 100% from one address:

  • 3PJJbqarQ6ctKPgBCiLAvRwuU9s7hV5sbtc - 285`059.13 - 100%

  1. 3PLp1QsFxukK5nnTBYHAqjz9duWMriDkHeT dodllnode (date of birth: 07/31/19)

Points with current balance and PR - 65.85 (points after the 6th snapshot - 48.35)

Total leased: 278’975 Waves. 52% of leasing from six addresses:

  • 3PDSqK649eBfQRZ5GqyNyrMvaT3kDAp7czo - 35000.00 - 15.231%

  • 3PBtt7CNVb4xS4fJ51hqBPtScaz6FURKP1o - 31488.84 - 13.703%

  • 3PQLCT68cGMgodHuuXu3qftDx8M8s8mgMyx - 15000.00 - 6.527%


  • wavescapnode - up to 150% of payouts until September 18th. Any payouts from prize.

  • wavescloud - 105% after winning the “Game of Nodes” throughout the year. One participant is awarded 500 Waves.

  • inprofit - During last two weeks of game of nodes - 300% of waves 300% of MRT mined to every lessor and 110% of waves 110% MRT to lessors that leased there waves before end of GON for a whole year.

  • dodllnode - 100% payouts. For those who join before September 18, there is also another + 100% payout from the entire prize stack (distribution on equal terms among all leasers, may come out 200-500%).

Additional details:

  • wavescapnode was at another address, but lost its seed and moved on improving the result in the table.

  • main leaser (83%) wavescloud transferred leasing from node WavesAssist.

  • inprofit appeared in the third snapshot, but disappeared in the fourth (turned off the node?)

Another description of the contest: “Node owners must look after their communities and organise their own leasing. They can discuss their ideas with their communities on social media, ask people to come up with mutually beneficial schemes, sign smart contracts, run competitions — or anything else they can think of! Everyone can decide their own strategy, and find out what proves most effective!”;

CONCLUSIONS: At the moment, the leaders of the node is who use their own large stack. They do not offer their lessors any favorable conditions and do not spend much effort on shilling information about themselves. Based on the text in the description of the game, the inprofit node can’t claim a prize at all (it has no leasers, no communication with the community until today).

I am sure that the “Game of Nodes” is meaningless and turns into a “Game of Whales” if the node gets the prize for one large stack. “The challenge is designed in such a way that big players cannot displace smaller ones" (from description of the Game of Nodes).

Therefore, I assume that dodllnode has a high chance of winning prizes. I would like, of course, to get comments on the rules from the organizers of the contest!

Thank you for attention and let’s win the prize together!

  • All active leases of dodllnode get into the “The Game of Nodes Winners List” and after the 8th snapshot this list becomes final. It contains the addresses and balances of those who will receive a share from the prize leasing. After the 8th snapshot it is impossible to get into this list.

  • You can unlease and lease again without losing your right to a prize. Even when you unlease after win, you will still receive 50% from your prize share. This applies to any amount you unlease.

  • To participate in the “Game of Nodes” we has hardcap 1,000,000 WAVES. Everything that will be leased after the one million or the last 8th snapshot will not get into the “The Game of Nodes Winners List” and will not receive prize share. This is how we protect the income of our lessors. In any case they will receive at least 200%. At the second - at least 160%. In the third - at least 140%.

  • Leases after September 10 will bring less points to the “Games of Nodes” rating (due to the fact that the average balances for the week are taking, and the last snapshot will be September 17-18). To determine prize share, we also take the average balance of each address for the last week of the “Game of nodes”. Hurry up!

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Your node’s proposition is obviously the best possible. No one is distributing 100% of the prize. Lets do it!


Today the data of 7th snapshot was published and from today, all the funds leased to the participants of the “Game Node” will have less and less influence on the standings from day to day.

Now it looks something like this:

dodllnode has not very big chances to enter the top three winners by points. However, I want to remind you that we remain the only node that fully corresponds to the description of the “Game of nodes”. And while there is no final verdict, we participate in this competition with hope to win!

All conditions remain the same. 100% of the prize leasing in case of win and 100% of your stack forever. On September 16th there will be the next payout (30 WAVES will be added). The last snapshot is planned on September 18th and at this moment we also take a snapshot of those addresses and balances that participated, as part of the dodllnode, in the “Game of Nodes”.

I have already expressed my opinion about other participants. Haters from the very beginning of “Game of Nodes” have talked that this competition is for big wallets and not for the community. It will be very strange if such an assumption will be correct. We are waiting for the final verdict from Waves Team and thank you for your participation! We have collected an incredibly large number of WAVES on lease from more than a hundred addresses!

As one of the guys behind Wavescap I find this statement extremely offensive. The Game of Node is supposed to benefit nodes (!!!) which are good for the eco system and bring additional value. So the question is how do you define a node who actually benefits the eco system? Waves team decided to do it by determinating the growth of the node over 8 weeks estimating that those nodes are the most valueable for the ecosystem. The method is questionable but the goal is clear: Give financial support to nodes who are good for the community.
Now I ask you: How do you come to the crazy idea that you are the only node serving the purpose of Game of Nodes? In my opinion you are the opposite. You buy leasers with money which is not supposed to serve this issue to gain prestige.
The Game of Node price is NOT an additional leasing reward, it is supposed to be support, granted by the waves team for the team behind the node, for building up a node, building up a community and in the end creating more value to the Waves Eco System. In fact I think you harm it.
I understand that this game is highly competive but talking Wavescap down with false facts while you aim on exploiting the Waves teams funds to gain prestige is extremely bold.
We put a huge amount of our freetime into building up a badly needed but still free to use tool for the Waves community. The price money from the Game of Nodes will enable us to put even more time in in order to deliver more great tools for the whole Waves community. The fact that we were able to attract this much leased Waves just show how much the community appreciate our effort.
I think an excuse by you would be the reasonable action now.


Wavescap Team


Supposed by whom?
I’m just saying that our node is most suitable for the description of the game: “The core task of this challenge is to increase your stake by any available means, but mainly by attracting new WAVES leases and others.

Why do you think so? This is a game by description. Attracting to lease is a part of the game.
Main goal is to support small players.
And the main question. Why do you think your node is good for the community and why dodllnode is worse? We are a community pool. With lots of leasing addresses. Without own big stack we grew in the top 20 in a few weeks - that means a lot.

Becouse of “core task of this challenge is to increase your stake by any available means, but mainly by attracting new WAVES leases.” and "node owners must look after their communities and organise their own leasing" and " The challenge is designed in such a way that big players cannot displace smaller ones — this is all about decentralisation". My opinion there only one node from top fits the description. But I always emphasize that it is not me who decides at final.

What??? We are just fairly sharing the prize with everyone! What wrong with you to understand idea of equal payouts?
We do not pay some big rewards to anyone or pay out 140% from own pocket. We are a pool and we just give back what the community wins.

What???)) " The winners will be eligible to receive a respectable amount of passive income" (from “GoN” description).
Our node is a community. How can a community harm a community and ecosystem???
And yes, we are building up a node. And we have a huge plans anyway.

As many others! You are not only one! Grants and donations are created for such things. And you seem to have received one grant, aren’t you?

It’s not clear at all. Other nodes from competition have big balances too, witout any tools. And yes - you always have grants, donation and monetize system for your tools, right? Why confuse a game to support nodes with developer support?

I think the opposite. I really respect your product. But now you say that we buy a community and do not deserve a prize - this is disrespectful.
Practical from scratch, from week to week we doubled our balance! There are more than 100 addresses leased to us. We are the community. How can we harm it?