Dodllnode Pool

New proposals for improving the network will be voted soon. Among them is the controversial proposal for an additional issue (WEP-4). In short, developers add a 6 WAVES reward in new blocks (For start. The amount of the reward will be regulated by miners’ voting - from 0 to 8). This can increased the total supply of WAVES by ~ 3,200,000 per year. But it will also increase the value because leasing of coins will allow you to have a passive income from 5%. More details here:

How dodllnode will vote on this proposal is decided by the pool members.

All tokens will RETURN BACK after the vote. Voting will last 10,000 blocks (~ a week). Starting block: #1710603.

Node will vote accordance with the decision of the leasers.

If less than 10% of the tokens vote (21.4 Dodllnodes), the voting will be considered invalid and node will vote for the proposal.