Dodllnode Pool

FOURTH lottery by Dodllnode begins! And rules are much easier now! You need just to stake your L2MP tokens to dodllnode (3PLp1QsFxukK5nnTBYHAqjz9duWMriDkHeT) on

You can win one of the 15 prizes:

  • 3 prizes of 10k L2MP
  • 3 prizes of 5 EGGs
  • 3 prizes of 15 WAVES
  • 3 prizes of 100 PETE
  • Breadeble Waves Cough Duck (GEN M) with special XMAS achievment
  • Wavesducks PET Borzoi (gives healing +3 points every turn in Ducks Wars)

Anyone staking their L2MP tokens on dodllnode from January 19th will automatically enter the lottery. Each L2MP token staked on dodllnode equals one lottery ticket. The more tickets you have, the higher your chances of winning! All winners will receive their prizes with the first payout of the new Layer2 UNIT0 token.
We will determine the winner before payment using random.waves

So you need to stake your tokens starting January 19th and before Layer2 launch to get chances to win one of 15 prizes. If you are already staked your L2MP to dodllnode then just stake some more (even 1 token) and ALL YOUR STAKED TOKENS will take a part on lottery. Simply stake every amount of tokens after January 19th and before Layer2 launch and all your staked amount will get lottery tickets.


  • One address - one prize;

  • Results will be seen in blockchain.

  • Every staked L2MP token is lottery ticket. Stake more to improve your chances!

  • Lottery administrators do not participate.

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