Dollar Power ($ UsP) - Euro Power ($ EuP) [The powerful token]

Power Tokens Fiat

The Dollar Power and the Euro Power are equal to the USD - EURO, but with more power, and with more facility to obtain them. Soon they will be in all the exchanges like the new Usd and Euro.

Name: Dollar Power
Ticker: $ UsP
Total Supply: 100M

Name: Euro Power
Ticker: € EuP
Total Supply: 100M


$ UsP / Waves: Trade Now

$ UsP / Bitcoin: Trade Now

$ UsP / Ethereum: Trade Now

€ EuP / Waves: Trade Now

€ EuP / Bitcoin: Trade Now

€ EuP / Bitcoin: Trade Now

€ EuP / $ UsP: Trade Now

So 1 $ UsP = 1 US dollar and 1 € EuP = 1 Euro?

For $UsP I see only buy orders at 0.00001199 Waves or less on the DEX and no buy order in US dollars…
Same situation for € EuP.