Eco Life Platform


Platform for launching Eco Startups useful for the World, from the real economy, in the field of production:

  • Eco Energy;
  • Eco food;
  • Eco fertilizer;
  • Eco construction;
  • Eco Tourism Service;
  • Eco education,
    based on the Blockchain Platform Waves.

Development of Green Economy in the World.

Launch - 1 000 + Eco Startups around the World !!!

Financial instrument of the project:
Cryptocurrency - Eco Life Coin.
Emission - 1,000,000,000 Eco Life Coins on the Blockchain Waves Platform.
ID coin on DEX: Acmaitiz5zRkPDTkKHCNLJiP5PDRssBYqjetafW1TLnG

Eco Life Coin:

  • financing tool for Eco Startups;
  • means of payment on the international market for eco products and services.

Cryptocurrency - Eco Life Coin, will be provided with assets (tokens) in Eco Startups.

The project community acquires Eco Life Coins on the DEX exchange for Waves and another cryptocurrency.
For cryptocurrency from the sale of Eco Life Coins, we buy tokens in Eco Startups that have passed the selection system by our community.
We acquire 5-15% of tokens in Eco Startups, at the earliest stages and under the most favorable conditions.
Tokens in Eco Startups, form the portfolio of our project, which provided the Cryptocurrency - Eco Life Coin.
The growth in the market value of the Eco Life Coin cryptocurrency is due to the rising cost of our project portfolio, as well as the demand of the community.

Prediction cost coins.
2019: $ 0.1
2020: $ 1
Potential for 5-10 years:
Portfolio value - $ 100 billion +
The cost of coins - $ 100 +

Coin distribution:

  • 5% - Team;
  • 5% - AirDrop and Bounty;
  • 10% - Pre Sale first round;
  • 30% - Pre Sale second round;
  • 50% - Sale;


The first stage (01/10/2018):
Pre Announcement of the project;
AirDrop Company;
Creating a project community;
Team building;
First Round Pre Sale - 10% Eco Life Coins;
Project packaging;
Marketing for the second Pre Sale;
Bounty company;
Site creation;

The second stage (01/03/2019):
Second Round Pre Sale - 30% Eco Life Coins;

The third stage (01/04/2019):
Preparing for ICO;
Creating a company in Hong Kong.

The fourth stage (01/10/2019):
Conducting ICO - selling 50% Eco Life Coins;

The fifth stage (01/12/2019):
Active selection and financing of new Eco Startups;
Assistance in the packaging and promotion of new Eco Startups;
Creating a store - Eco Life Shop;
Conclusion of Eco Life Coin, on the market of eco products as a means of payment and loyalty system tool among existing manufacturers and sellers of eco products.

AIRDROP ROUND 1: The 1000 first members of our community will receive 500 Eco Life Coins for FREE !!!

To GET FREE Coins:

  • Subscribe to channel Telegram:
  • Have come in the message on @ecolifeadmin address of the wallet Waves and their surname Name and you country.

After that, you will be assigned an ID and the coins are credited to your Waves wallet.

Writing a wallet:
Go to

Telegram channel: