Eco Trading Post - A Reward Token Ecosystem and Marketplace

Eco Trading Post - A Reward Token Ecosystem and Marketplace

Our Mission

Environmental and conservation organizations sometimes find that lack of funding can put limits on goals they are trying to reach. Their inability to recruit volunteers can be another of those problems and Eco Trading Post has been created to help address that issue using cryptocurrency.

Eco Trading Post will provide a platform for environmental and conservation organizations to reward volunteers for their work along with offering volunteers a way to exchange their tokens for goods and or services. An example would be, someone helps to plant trees in a local park and for their time, they are rewarded with Eco Trading Post Tokens, which can then be used to rent a kayak at a local kayak rental business. We will also always try to have the best outdoor equipment we can find for sale in the marketplace, along with a possible raffle system for more expensive items which could include trips/vacations.

In addition, Eco Trading Post will provide a platform for new organizations as well as businesses to gain exposure and expand their ideas. We will be open to any partnerships that help to develop successful token based ecosystems which benefit the environment.

Reward Token Ecosystem and Marketplace in a Nutshell

Eco Organizations can request tokens at no cost
Tokens are then used to reward volunteers
Volunteers can access our marketplace to redeem tokens for outdoor gear/rentals

Benefits for Token Holders

 Tokens used in the marketplace will be returned to the donation pool and not sold on an exchange
 All Token Holders will be able to use the marketplace, not just volunteers.
 The Donation Tokens will only be distributed to legitimate groups/organizations in amounts that match hours volunteered

Token Information

Token Name: Eco Trading Post
Type: Waves Platform Token —
Issuer: 3P7wfc9nY7SLiUuGaT5BEyRfuW8tNVFzg2C
ID: Szmo3Bp58UP9rAoqiU3wHRs4qT6SPqLwr8pd5qaRw5X
Token supply: 384,000,000
Issue Date: 22.5.2018

Token Distribution

192M ICO 50% Price set at .00009 WAVES (APPROX 11,000 per WAVE TOKEN)
115.2M Donations 30%
76.8M Team 20%


Join The Green Team

We have set aside 5,000,000 Tokens to help promote the ICO

If you believe Crypto can help Nature and have skills in Art, Marketing, Writing or Social Networking… Join Today!
Follow us on Twitter, then join our Telegram and let us know how you’d like to help.

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I would also like to add that I chose Waves Platform because of it’s ease of use. I’ve had this idea for about two years, but the thought of trying to get Eco People to use ERC20 Tokens and sites like Ether-Delta made it impossible. I truly believe with the low fees and easy to use exchange and wallet, Waves can help a lot of people do things that they couldn’t do before.


This is indeed a very big waves pluspoint