Ecw - eletrowatt


                           ***project description***

ECW…ELECTROWATT its new cryptocurrency in full development that everyone will be able to use because with the new algorithm we develop that is built on the consomation of electricity that you use in the life of any day whether it is home factory public and prive you Reward your self for each watt use on a daily basis with our meter to connect directly to the blockchain

With ELETROWATT you will be able to save more money with savings than you will generate with your energy consumption that you use in the life of all day with the watt calculator that we develop easy to install in new or already instal panel control more power with its direct connetion with the blockchaine you just go to scan the QR code to get to your user interface which is your wallet, the number of watt hrs / d / m / y, value of the ECW asset in real time your total usd / btc balance with auto exchangefunction if you want it or not in USD / BTC we are proud of the development we are developing for you and the future crytohouse and

thank you for all investment and support of the project
and we will give as much news as possible of any

teams ELETROWATT … the right plug to save without limiting you

                                           ***LINK INFO COIN***

                    *Type            3 Asset issue
                    *Block           1046184
                    *Asset ID        C2S5ckeyQSdAjH4ahR5LSVmzb782MXm2yHnbydbrgd4e
                    *Asset Name      ELETROWATT
                    *Reissuable      NO
                    *Amount          9000000000000000000
                    *Decimals        0
                    *Issuer          3PMb8Y2Dd6TbbUqqUX6jXgqXSf3SmkF8Yye           


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we are waiting for a response from another exchange platform

                              ***AIRDROP ***

send you adress waves wallet By email after you buy in exchange first 1000 new person buying get 100% airdrop and the biggest purchase
that will be made between the first 1000 person will receive another 100% after any first 1000 buyer

all airdrop is send 24h after we have received the email with your address you must buy 1000 ELETROWATT minimum to receive your airdrop

send waves wallet here: [email protected]

                      ***Contest and draw to come***

We want the community to participate in the development of our project as much as possible
we will create competitions throughout our development which is just at its beginnings with the energy of a community connect to the
right place to make you benefit to the maximum


                           ***to contact the team***

to give your ideas or for any request of partnership or postulation to be part of team
you must submit them by private message or by email we will contact you after revision of your offer or idea any offer or idea
will be examined any idea can be good for you and in our development

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FIRST 1000 JOIN FACEBOOK get 300 free ELETROWATT +100% YOU FIRST BUY IN WAVES DEX …for get your 300 +100% after join and buy in DEX send code: 100%=(total purchase)(your wallet address) …send the code in private message on our facebook the suport will send you the comfirmation after approval…thank you for supporting us on our bitcointalk leave a small comment to help us have the most vision possible …link… thank you to all the team for join and share​:up::speech_balloon::ok_hand:


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:zap:ELETROWATT :zap: we are in full development and we are determined to continue to progress with waves and any user of wavesplatforme connect you to :zap: ELETROWATT :zap: :rocket:

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:exclamation::loudspeaker: :handshake:thank you leave a comment and share and any idea or proposal to help
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