Eminent Store Opening

Grand Opening of Eminent

Eminent is listed on the waves.exchange and currently being offered in exchange for west,
the are 100,000 listed for exchange of west,

Eminent is opening in Stoke On Trent, with a gaming competition.
the is 1 million in supply of Eminent,

and Eminent shop with WTIP investment also a asset on the waves blockchain will act as a broker within the shop selling the currency over the counter.

Eminent will be offered to customers at £0.10 to begin with a entry level fee,
WTIP will be offered to customers at £1 to begin with as a medium level fee
and Intrinsic X will be offered at £100 because of the limited supply.
all these assets are on the waves.exchange
Revenue will come from a gaming tournament, the gaming tournament starts at £10 entry,

The Tournament itself will have two pre Qualifier rounds.

and 9 more rounds to a grand final with 3.2 million prize pool.
3.2 million will be calculated by maths depending on if we get enough players to play.
Youtube videos will be made for subscribe star and Patreon.

However to expand our enterprise we require investment
35% of the profit will go into supporting the price of Eminent,
the will be tournaments with split pot prize pool which will support WTIP,
and Intrinsic X is designed as a store of value.

a update of the shop will be posted when the shop is opened on July the 12th,
though won’t be kitted out all posh because we have to start somewhere so far no investment has been made but we will seek out investment and agreements.

currently WTIP is available for waves and USDT

Eminent is being sold for West
and Intrinsic X is being sold for USDN

We have 1500 flyers we will be using to promote the business
and 72 Tickets for sale.

Contracts for the cryptocurrency and contracts for interviewing players.
fundamentally we are looking for investment to expand onto more exchanges,
gain more equipment for streaming, for making more machines available for players
for renting more buildings in more locations.

and expanding our operations upgrading security,
Visit and follow us on twitter
Eminent (@Eminent00990826) / Twitter
Instagram Eminent (@eminent.cup) • Instagram photos and videos
or fund us on Patreon Eminent Cup is creating Gaming tournament content, interviews, gaming, tournaments | Patreon
Subscribe Star https://www.subscribestar.com/eminent


Store opening the 18th!


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Forget the loan we’ve made £1020 in ticket sales and we are mega happy about making some sales, even though facebook has shadow banned us, the result was still good, and onwards and upwards hopefully, more Esports more contestants some cryptocurrency for sale over the counter and much more instore.

unfortunately nobody has showed up to the shop even though we’ve sold tickets investment would help marketing and bring in more consoles and games to play,
here is a shop tour.

investment would keep this project afloat and be able to expand.

you can buy a voucher and if you leave a e-mail we will get in contact with you and send the cryptocurrency digitally. or in the post if you send the voucher in the post to our address, with a return address, we will send back a USB stick with the cryptocurrency. we’ve made this easy to buy our cryptocurrency for fiat.
Ticketing: PES 2020 Esprots (weezevent.com)

Trying everything within my power to make the project a success you can invest two ways into the ICO
at Eminent Velocity

Eminent Velocity
you can invest with bitcoin you can invest over the exchange or you can invest with fiat,
making the best attempt at making the project a success you can also read the white paper,
the project evolves but could devolve but keep trying to make progress towards the evolution and are at a point where investment could make or break the situation.
however without investment i’ll continue to push and try and make thing’s work,
you could also be a affiliate and if you can make sales we pay a portion to you for marketing.

Hey we require $6000 investment into our project to get a exchange listing but would like $12,000 to make our project more viable and keep the project alive. is anyone going to invest in our currencies and help out, we are still in ICO stage after what feels like few years or so, anyone out here to invest and help the project.

got a liquidity slider if that helps, Liquidity Slider (eminentvelocity.co.uk)

may as well have some fun