EncryptoTel - Secure VoIP and B2B communications platform


A distributed blockchain-oriented telecommunications platform for corporate and individual use

Our company offers a user-friendly and secure VoIP telecommunications infrastructure. EncryptoTel solutions provide users with a wide range of telecommunication services.

Our cloud-based PBX modular solution provides:

  • content protection ensures the confidentiality, integrity, and reliability of information transmitted;
  • reliable storage of large amounts of information in databases using a distributed registry;
  • centralized management of telecommunications services;
  • mechanisms for integrating telecommunications services with business applications for analytics, resource management, customer support, etc.

Since 2012, our team of competent specialists has been developing a full range of telecommunication services based on innovative cloud solutions. We are innovators in the field of building distributed cloud solutions focused primarily on the telecommunications sector.

“Our mission is to introduce qualitative changes in the field of personal and business communications, making them effective and confidential at the same time.”
- EncryptoTel team

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EncryptoTel will discuss blockchain and telecommunications at the leading forum in Moscow:

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Encryptotel will discuss 5G at a big conference in Moscow:

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