Ergo - Welcome to Smart Money!

Ergo is simple, solid and innovative cryptocurrency!

Ergo’s development was initially funded through the sale of EFYT (Ergo First Year Tokens) on Waves DEX. Once the Ergo mainnet was launched, these were redeemed 1:1 for Ergo tokens mined by the development team. There is still an active Ergo market on Waves.Exchange, and an official gateway that allows users to deposit and withdraw Ergo tokens to a native Ergo wallet.

– While incorporating cutting-edge new ideas, Ergo’s foundation is a conservative Proof-of-Work cryptocurrency with limited supply. It aims to be as simple as Bitcoin wherever possible, though is not a Bitcoin fork but an entirely new cryptocurrency designed and implemented from scratch.

Ergo has solid design specifications based on scientific research, drawing on a number of published academic papers ( At the same time, it also focuses on practical use cases. Ergo is designed and implemented by a team of experienced devs and researchers, with publications and PhDs in cryptography, compiler theory, blockchain technology, and cryptographic e-cash. The team also has a solid background in core development with such cryptocurrencies and blockchain frameworks as Nxt, Scorex and Waves.

– Ergo offers a series of innovations, including:

  • Extended UTXO model, offering the ability to write complex financial applications. Community members are currently implementing a DEX, and there are already applications for oracles and p2p crowdfunding, as well as example contracts for bonds, auctions, p2p interest-free loans, mutual credit systems, etc.
  • Built-in support for complex signatures and cryptographic protocols via an efficient class of zero-knowledge proofs-of-knowledge (Sigma protocols). As an immediate result, ring,
    threshold and composable signatures are easy to implement out-of-the-box. For applications, Ergo devs have already proposed a simple non-interactive mixing scheme called ErgoMix.
  • Custom token support at the core level (similar to RavenCoin).
  • Storage rent to stabilize mining income in the long term.
  • New Proof-of-Work scheme, Autolykos – a variant of Equihash with better ASIC-resistance and even a degree of pool-resistance.

To get Ergo, visit supporting exchanges ( or mine ERG with an NVidia or AMD GPU.

Please visit our welcoming and vibrant community to HODL and BUIDL together!

Ergo is a community-driven project, with conversations occurring over Discord (, Telegram ( and the forum (

Welcome aboard!

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Useful links: - twitter - core dev - bitcointalk - github - wiki - telegram chat - ru telegram chat

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Ergo now in partnership with Emurgo