Erreur testing api on testnet with nodejs

Hi everyone, im testing the waves api on the testnet but this code :

const issueData = {

name: 'xxxxx',
description: 'xxxxxxx',

// With given options you'll have 100000.00000 tokens
quantity: 10000000000,
precision: 5,

// This flag defines whether additional emission is possible
reissuable: false,

fee: 100000000,


Waves.API.Node.transactions.broadcast('issue', issueData, seed.keyPair).then((responseData) => {

Giving me this :

(node:26520) UnhandledPromiseRejectionWarning: Error: You should pass a number to Byte constructor

Also why are all example transaction from this link leading to an error ? is it normal ?

{ "status": "error", "details": "Transaction is not in blockchain" }

Can it be related to my problem ?