Error in waves-api javascript

I am using waves-api for javascript and recently started to submit the following error:

“error”: 112,
“message”: “State check failed. Reason: invalid signature”,
“tx”: {
“type”: 4,
“id”: “4AmZey7x6JRy1mKXG6c9MD6bPMN57dSd2eiPPL3pmj8k”,
“sender”: “3P2XzFHt5qHYAMVn1ANU9NghoWzfVop4UJx”,
“senderPublicKey”: “HpXXSiiCqRRQ5nHutJJ3RsuRV7Tgt1RcXQ5r6E8sGwJt”,
“fee”: 100000,
“timestamp”: 1539794695433,
“signature”: “25QZW9VsbYnxnDhp4xgCh2uHscjwaKzZgvaDi3XWHGzHYcNKv7UMEARctr2gD5NdAkCJbzzmtsY2uCtGop9mJx5w”,
“version”: 1,
“recipient”: “3P3BcpowqK2vKpgnJ744W3YiNziff7ayPYA”,
“assetId”: “2LzopWnPpNitjF4eLqS6vu4CRcben3W5pbuUjcfikevS”,
“feeAssetId”: “2LzopWnPpNitjF4eLqS6vu4CRcben3W5pbuUjcfikevS”,
“feeAsset”: “2LzopWnPpNitjF4eLqS6vu4CRcben3W5pbuUjcfikevS”,
“amount”: 1000000000,
“attachment”: “”

Anyone else got this same error and managed to solve it?

"message": "State check failed. Reason: invalid signature".

In my opinion the phrase describes the situation very clearly. You need to re-sign the transaction.

google the error code . I did and got good results