EU Waves Node

Pool name:
EU Waves Node

Address for leasing:
or use alias: euwavesnode


Payment policy:
90% block fees, 90% block rewards distributed to leasers every week
Leasers can vote for important decision regarding Network Consensus

Pool Representatives:
Andrea | mail: euwavesnode [at] protonmail [dot] com| Telegram:

Server: Germany, Team: Italy

Feature voting policy:
Leasers can express their vote on what the node should vote with regards to Network Consensus.

Other Details:
We aim to run the node professionaly and help strenghtening Waves network
We promise regular payment and top support in our Telegram Group.


Hello! Where are my coins? I ask this question @NodeMonster, but do not get an answer. Coins have not been credited for more than 3 months, but now they have completely disappeared.

hi, what tokens are you speaking about? Can you send me your wallet so i can check?

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However I think you are confused, my node pays regularly every week and I always reply to messages

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