Exchange source code? or dex configuration?

  1. I find no actual sourcecode on git for the new waves exchange. What package is that included in if one wants to build everything from source? Is the new exchange web interface code available or is it all just api hooks now?

  2. If the new exchange source is not available are there any instructions anywhere on hooking up the older waves dex with a customnet config. It seems to only share options for the mainnet, testnet and nevden. What exactly would have to be installed and configured to make it work. What should I be reading. The mainnet config is rather large with links to all sorts of waves services so I am hoping to get some sort of mapping about what each service is and where I can find the source for it.

So far I have managed to roll a genesis, get an explorer working, get the postgres data service working, I can get grpc open but the dex itself is blank and broken.

Any help on this would be awesome. Most of your docs are very clear and elaborate in how to do things but I find the dex/exchange side of things to be somewhat lacking.