EZnode Pool

Pool name: EZnode

Address for leasing: 3PNQwv69eaT41kAHim4mHZ4nYj9SiPHrc2T

Website: In development

Payment policy:

1-100 Waves - 80%
100 - 500 Waves - 85%
500 Waves and more - 90%

Pool Representatives:



Feature voting policy:

Our node has moved to a more powerful server and is gaining height. In the next post I will talk in detail about the projects we are working on and the tokens we will be distributing.

We pay out every Monday .

Other Details:
Development of WEB3 projects
Trading Bots
Backup Nodes
Token distribution from our projects

tres bien mais de mon cote aucune repĂ´nse question les jeton que je desire placer sur la plateforme waves et aussi avoir un associe pour creation de plateforme exchange aucune reponse de votre part aussi ,

mille merci

de votre reactivité a ded question simple et precise question les jetons. plus de dix jeton et sur le le back office plus aucun jeton a apparais sur ma liste