Full node - open P2P port

I deployed a full node, set all needed things like port forwarding… but https://dev.pywaves.org/nodes/ still says that P2P port isn’t open. Will (after raising 1000 Waves leased) my node start mining even if this port is closed? How to open it? In conf file I’ve set port to 6868 and declared address to (myaddress):6868


Do you set it in

# P2P Network settings
network {
# Port number
port = 6868

declared-address = "your node IP:6868"

After changes restart the node

Yes, I did. My node is still downloading the blockchain, will it open after downloading?

Use https://docs.waves.tech/en/waves-node/options-for-getting-actual-blockchain/import-from-the-blockchain to save time

Nice! So I’ll give it time, it’s already in 50% of progress. I’ll look if it has opened after download.
Thank you

so I have now my node synced but the port is still closed. I set the port forwarding and also declared-address in conf file. Can the node mine blocks even if the port is closed?

Yes it can. If node journal says it is mining the microblocks, everything is OK

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