Game not working

I tried to use the new Waves-Game, but I get the following error message:

“Error: Transaction is not allowed by account-script”

Posted this on reddit an WavesGM answered:
Greetings. It seems to be your account is blocked by a multisign. For further assistance you’d better join Developers thread on our official forum: and Discord server: #developnment

Can somebody explain to me whats wrong?

Hello, unheiliger.
Can you provide us your address ?

The adress is:

Hey! Can you provide some screenshots where we can see the error message? It’s important to us to locate the place where the error pops up exactly.

So it seems now to be a another error. In the first place It just does not show any numbers.

Using Firefox Quantum V. 60.4.0esr (64-Bit) under windows 7

As I can see, all active areas are displayed wrong. It seems like the game doesn’t loading properly on your device. And the game can’t get any info from the blockchain itself. What to do:

  1. Try another browser (like Google Chrome)
  2. Check your extensions stack. It looks like maybe some extensions are blocking JS executing on your page.
  3. Maybe it’s your firewall. For some reason it may block your browser’s requests to the blockchain.

But all i can see for now is that JavaScript can’t work correct for some reason.

It would be great if you can press F12, Switch to the console tab and provide us the log from the console. Guess you have some red strings there and we need them to understand better the nature of this problem.

So first step was to allow mixed content, but Still this seemes not to solve the problem:


TypeError: e.flat is not a function Stack trace:

I’ve detected one big problem on the last screen:

There might be 2 reasons why your certificate is invalid:

  1. Your browser outdated (you are using v60, the latest is v65):
  2. Something (or someone) replacing your certificates. Please, check your system and router for viruses.

The address bar should look like that:

Updating of your browser for the latest version is a good first step.

Updated Firefox everything fine now!

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Sounds great! Good luck in the game :slight_smile: